IN GOOD SHAPE Dave Eggers' new novel circles around our fascination with oversharing

Dave Eggers defends The Circle, an unpublished Stieg Larsson work will be published next year and writers remember Tom Clancy in a series of tributes. Read on for more of today’s top books headlines:

Dave Eggers has responded to Kate Losse’s claim that he “ripped off” her memoir for his new book The Circle. Here’s his statement denying her allegations, saying he has “never heard of” her book:

A previously unpublished short story by Stieg Larsson is set to appear in A Darker Shade, a new anthology of Swedish crime stories that will hit U.K. shelves in January. [The Bookseller]

Remembering Tom Clancy: Hector Tobar wrote a moving tribute for the LA Times, author Brad Meltzer remembered Clancy in an interview with NPR and Paranoia author Joseph Finder said Clancy “influenced a generation — a couple of generations — of thriller writers.” You can also revisit Clancy’s work in this gallery.

In other news, an 8-year-old persuaded a bookstore to remove “sexist” books. [Today]

Question of the day: Should libraries be used more often as shelters for people during natural disasters? Michael Kimmelman thinks so. [New York Times]

Here’s your October reading list. [The New Yorker]

Today is National Poetry Day in U.K. To celebrate, head over to The Guardian for their live blog. [The Guardian]