Credit: Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus has already proven that she doesn’t need a foam finger to start controversy, and if you thought her naked ride on a wrecking ball or even her latest tweet would mark the end of her scandalous streak, you were so very, very wrong.

Terry Richardson has now posted a bunch of photos of Miley to his photo diary, and not surprisingly, they’re not exactly something you would want on a Christmas card. From going topless to wearing a leotard that’s more revealing than Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch one-piece, Miley’s still going hard. To be fair, she told us she wouldn’t stop.

The diary includes photos of Miley smoking, showing off her bare backside, eating ice cream, and doing to a can what she pretty much already did to a foam finger. Which inanimate object will be her next target? If only we knew, we’d warn the poor thing.

What do you think of Miley’s latest photos, PopWatchers? How long before this gets old (if it hasn’t already)?