Gravity 09
Credit: Murdo MacLeod

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were all laughs while chatting with Entertainment Weekly’s Jess Cagle, who moderated the SAG Nominating Committee screening of Gravity on Wednesday night in New York. But jokes about the government shutdown and imitations of director Alfonso Cuarón’s accent aside, Bullock wanted to make one thing clear: Her buddy George is a serious actor.

“It frustrates me when everyone always talks about how charming he is, how he’s a practical joker.” Bullock said that while Clooney is definitely charming, “when he gets on a set, he’s all work.”

It’s a good thing too, because space is serious business. And acting like you’re in space when you’re actually harnessed inside a 9×9 box with no lower body function? Dangerously serious, according to Bullock, who said that the combination of “the upside down factor,” “the 12-wire system,” and the “weird hydraulic-arm chair” made for “something that should be in Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Both actors were in awe of the 3-D technology Cuarón was able to incorporate into the final cut of Gravity. Clooney told the audience, “The great thing about this film is it’s an argument for coming to a theater and seeing it on a big screen,” which they agreed to with a burst of applause. “To find films that make sense and make it an event to come here and do that, I think that’s extraordinary.”

Of course, when asked about his previous experience with acting in 3-D films, Clooney quickly went on to tease, “Batman & Robin in some ways was 3-D — I had nipples on that thing!”

We believe you, Sandy, but once a jokester, always a jokester, it seems.

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