By Andrew Asare
Updated October 03, 2013 at 10:09 PM EDT

ExxonMobil has sued FX Networks, claiming their new FXX logo infringes on the oil company’s interlocking-X logo.

David Beck, ExxonMobil’s attorney, says, “They have invested many millions of dollars for more than four decades in advertising and promoting the logo.”

FX Networks and its studio affiliates, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. and Twenty-First Century Fox Inc., started the FXX TV network last month with a logo featuring an interlocking XX design, and Beck claims it resembles Exxon’s logo. He added that the network refused to drop the interlocking X’s after Exxon requested the change, when the oil company noticed several Internet postings in which viewers questioned whether there is a relationship between FXX and Exxon because of the similarities between the logos.