SPOILER ALERT! Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water. Major spoilers to follow.

Colton Cumbie attempted to take the easy way out by quitting Survivor: Blood vs. Water once things weren’t going his way, but it turned out to not be so easy as Jeff Probst raked him over the coals on his way out during Wednesday’s episode of the show. The fireworks started at Redemption Island arena where the tribes gathered to watch Rachel, Candice, and Marissa take part in a duel, however Colton stole the spotlight once again by announcing that he wanted to quit the game. If he thought Probst would be sympathetic, he thought wrong. After describing Colton’s decision as “selfish,” Probst took Colton to task for quitting not once, but twice! “What is it that has happened on your tribe that is forcing you to quit, for what now I can confirm for myself is a second time? The first time you feigned an appendicitis. Turns out you didn’t have it. You want to own that one now?”

But the host was far from done. After asking “Is that how it goes, Colton? If things don’t go your way, let’s just stop?” Probst then turned the blame on himself and the other powers-that-be that decided to give Colton another chance while expecting a different result. “We brought a quitter back and we got a quit again.” He then sent Colton on his way with a walk of shame out of the arena: “You can keep your buff. I won’t give it the honor of throwing that in the urn. We’ll keep that reserved for people that compete.” BOOM!

Later in the episode, Rachel ended up losing the duel and her spot in the game, while Brad (or Culpepper, or whatever the hell we are supposed to call him) engineered a blindside of his former best buddy John, who was then reunited with wife Candice, against whom he will compete next week at Redemption Island. But that was all secondary to the delight viewers no doubt felt in seeing Colton get completely schooled by Probst (who never really wanted him on this season anyway).

My full recap of the episode will be up at midnight (UPDATE: The recap is now live and waiting to be read!) , but you can sound off right here and right now. Glad to see Colton humiliated? Sad to see Rachel go? Mad at Brad’s gameplay? Hit the message boards and be heard. Or read, as it were. And check out some exclusive Survivor videos below!