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Updated October 02, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Did you love Pitch Perfect? Did you leave Bridesmaids wondering who that Australian chick was? Then you will love Super Fun Night — which is to say, if you weren’t in the Rebel Wilson fan club before, the ABC comedy won’t change your mind.

As Kimmie Boubier, Wilson is the same charmingly goofy funnywoman she’s been in her past roles. This time, she’s a junior attorney in New York who, after a big promotion, is inspired to trade her Friday nights in with best friends Marika (Lauren Ash) and Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) for exciting new adventures — or at least a piano-bar outing.

As someone firmly in Wilson’s corner, I’m excited at the prospect of weekly doses of Rebel. That’s not to say the show is perfect; it isn’t. But there’s a lot to love here — which wasn’t intended to be a weight joke, though the show boasts plenty of those (Spanx are at the center of no fewer than four gags in the premiere).

So let’s take a closer look at some of the best lines and moments from our first look at Super Fun Night:

+ Along with the three BFFs, the relationship between Kimmie and Richard (Kevin Bishop) is at the center of the premiere — and they make an adorable pair. Instead of the expected one-sided crush, with Kimmie following Richard around like a puppy dog and him playing along just to be nice, they have a really sweet back-and-forth that shows their genuine affection for each other. This baffles the lithe new lawyer Kendall (Kate Jenkinson), who is pursuing the boss’ son and isn’t used to a girl like Kimmie getting more attention from a guy than she does.

+ A mid-episode elevator scene is a great (and by great, we mean awesomely awkward) pseudo-Bridesmaids reunion with Wilson’s real-life roommate Matt Lucas (Little Britain). Lucas’ character reminds the newly promoted Kimmie not to forget her old co-workers on the ninth floor — except for Terri. “Forget about Terri. She’s dead to us now,” Lucas sneers. “Why? What did she do?” Wilson asks. “She died,” he deadpans.

+ The flashback scene to Kimmie’s sixth-grade talent show sets up the showdown between Kendall and Kimmie at the piano bar. And both sing-offs end the same way: With Kimmie fainting onstage. But Marika and a very drunk Helen-Alice are there to convince Kimmie to try again (when she literally slaps some sense into Kimmie, Marika says, “I saw that in a movie once — did it help?”).

+ We all know from Pitch Perfect that Wilson can handle a Riff-Off with the best of them, and Kimmie ends up returning to the stage for a hilariously earnest rendition of Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Her friends tell her she has “the voice of a one-legged angel: sometimes shaky, but magical.” Of course Kendall hijacks the spotlight and goes home with the Sharps & Flats trophy, but we already know Kimmie has only tasted victory once: “The only trophy I ever won was for the ‘guess the weight of your own boobs’ competition.” By the way, when Kimmie sings she’ll do anything for love but she “won’t do that,” what is “that,” Marika wonders? “Butt stuff,” Kimmie clarifies. And so it’s settled.

+ Pet peeve: Why does Australia native Wilson have to use a (serviceable) American accent when two other characters — Richard and Elevator Guy — get to keep their British accents? Is she a lawyer for the U.K. Embassy or something?

+ Ranking the Spanx jokes: The sight gag of Kimmie’s skirt getting caught in the elevator and unraveling to reveal her flesh-colored bike-short Spanx had me hooked in the first few minutes of the show. Later, Kimmie makes her exit from the piano bar by saying, “Well, I’m gonna go now before my boob sweat seeps into my Spanx.” And finally, the episode ends with a montage of Kimmie wrestling with her Spanx, reminding you that the show isn’t above a weight joke — but, thankfully, size isn’t her only defining characteristic.

+Bonus quotes!

Kimmie: “We’re never gonna bust out of our cocoons if we don’t put our busts out there!”

Kimmie to Richard: “Let me email you the address. And a photo of me from five years ago when I was at my physical peak.”

Kendall: “Cute shoes, by the way. What are they?”

Kimmie: “Orthopedics.”

Super Fun Night airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. In case you missed the musical antics of the first episode, here’s a promo of the cast singing Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”:

Super Fun Night

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