As far as I can tell, Greg Nicotero does pretty much damn near everything on The Walking Dead. He executive produces, he directs, he heads up the incredible zombie make-up team, he even acts from time to time as one of the walkers. Like I said — everything. And for the third straight year, he also has found time in his busy schedule to direct a series of webisodes leading into the season (which premieres Oct. 13). Well, those newest webisodes —titled The Oath — were just released and you can watch them right here and right now! Mythology buffs will be happy to know that, like the first season webisodes titled Torn Apart (which told the tragic origin story of Bicycle Girl), this new batch also brings viewers back to events right after the outbreak, which leads to the revisiting of a very iconic setting from the pilot episode of the series.

The new webisodes — which are broken up into three installments that total roughly 25 minutes — tell the story of Karina (Ashley Bell) and Paul (Wyatt Russell), who flee an overrun camp while reciting their mantra of “one lives, all live.” They depart in a suspiciously spotless Hyundai Tucson — guess who sponsors these shorts? — but Paul requires immediate medical attention, which brings them to a medical facility and into contact with a doctor named Gale (played by Ellen Greene). Along the way, we learn a new nickname for zombies (“Decays”) and are treated to some tasty gross-out scenes (see photo above).

So what’s the connection to the series itself? Well — SPOILER ALERT — let’s just say that before all is said and done, somebody will be spray painting four words on a padlocked set of double doors: DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE.

Following up on last season’s Cold Storage webisodes, The Oath once again shows that Nicotero knows how to stretch a dollar and get broadcast-quality special effects on an Internet series budget. Fans of the show will want to check it out for sure, if only to see how useful a pair of pliers can be in a zombie apocalypse. (Answer: Very!)

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