By Dan Snierson
October 01, 2013 at 11:52 PM EDT
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Anything could happen on Breaking Bad — and did. (See: Dead body dissolved incorrectly in bathtub filled with hydrofluoric acid; tortoise crawling around with severed human head on shell before exploding; 1,000 gallons of methylamine siphoned from freight train undetected; giant magnet frying out incriminating laptop in impenetrable evidence room; giant pizza flung perfectly onto roof.) For five seasons, the stars of AMC’s daring meth drama were fortunate enough to film all kinds of cool and unusual scenes — basically, whatever those ambitious writers could cook up. But the truth is, they didn’t get to do everything they wanted to. What was the one scene that they always wanted to shoot but it just never happened? Here, the actors reveal their unfulfilled Bad dreams. (Aaron Paul’s wish came pretty darn close to fruition in Sunday’s series finale; bullets and broads proved to be popular choices.)

AARON PAUL (Jesse): I always wanted to shoot Walter White in the face, to be honest. And I definitely talked about that a lot. I was like, “Can I please just kill this guy?”

BRYAN CRANSTON (Walt): A lurid affair with a tart. (Laughs) I thought maybe that would happen. At some point, [Walt] would get so full of himself, he’s throwing his weight around, and he sees some pretty girl and goes, “Come here. You and me. Right now. Let’s go!” That kind of thing, when he and Skyler were on the outs and she was giving him the cold shoulder.

ANNA GUNN (Skyler): I kept telling Vince I wanted to do more stunts. And I wanted to tote a gun. … I really love those scenes sometimes where the guys just really go at it. All those montages were really cool. Sometimes out in the desert when the guys were doing some of those really intricate stunts and running around, the action stuff would make me go, “Ooh, that looks fun.” But then I’d hear they were out in the desert for 14, 15 hours in horrible, freezing temperatures or insanely hot temperatures, and then I’d think, “Mmmm, perhaps not. Perhaps it’s better that I’m in the kitchen.”

DEAN NORRIS (Hank): There’s a place in Vegas where you actually shoot machine guns with naked women. It’s a thing you can do in Vegas, believe it or not, and we thought, “Wow, that’d be fun.” We never found the time to put that in the show, though. [Laughs] Imagine that! It’s just crazy. We talked about that and whether we could fit that in, and we decided that “No, we couldn’t.”

BETSY BRANDT (Marie): Gun, gun, gun, gun, gun. I wanted a purple gun. A girly kind of gun. And I wanted a purple bedazzled gun case out in the garage to be next to Hank’s cadre of weapons. And I wanted to get some action. In my mind, no one would see it coming and she was a really good shot.

BOB ODENKIRK (Saul): I’m intrigued by Saul’s potential love life and the various strippers that he goes out with for two weeks at a time. I want to meet those strippers and see the constantly replayed cycle of those relationships as he switches from one strip club to the next and he gets “involved” with one stripper or the next.

RJ MITTE (Walt Jr.): Flynn never got to cook with Heisenberg.

LAURA FRASER (Lydia): I didn’t get to actually shoot anyone. In retrospect, I’m a bit bereft about that. But I did order a lot of murders, so, you know, I’m good.

JESSE PLEMONS (Todd): I would have liked to ride off into the sunset with Lydia on a crystal blue unicorn.

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