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[SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad‘s series finale, stop reading now.]

Believe it or not, some people actually made it out of the Breaking Bad series finale alive. And even though we won’t get to see their lives unfold, those survivors still have a (potentially) drug-free lifetime ahead of them. So what comes next? If chapter one of their stories involved Heisenberg, lots of desert, and even more drugs, what is chapter two (or three) all about? Here’s how we see the show’s biggest survivors 10 years from now:

Badger and Skinny Pete: After burning through almost all of the money that Walt gave them for correctly using laser pointers, Badger and Skinny Pete decided that their drug days were behind them. Plus, the blue stuff was no longer on the market, so everything else kind of sucked in comparison. After getting clean, Badger took his crazy ideas to Hollywood, where producers thought he was insane, but he found a small comedy team that hired him as a writer. He thinks they’re a drama group, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Skinny Pete, after getting clean, replaced drugs with food and now weighs more than 300 lbs … but his friends still call him Skinny Pete. He moved to Hollywood with Badger and currently works as a bartender at the Hard Rock Cafe. He and Badger (and their girlfriends of the moment) share a duplex. They play video games and order pizza every night. But they now have to order two pizzas because, well, Skinny Pete eats a lot.

Brock and Jesse: After Jesse escaped the Nazis, he drove straight to the police station. He reported everything, gave the DEA his full cooperation and walked away without ever seeing the inside of a prison cell (blame his puppy eyes). And while he was at the police station, he got Badger and Skinny Pete to move his money to a safe location. After that was all tied up, he went to see Brock. Turns out, Andrea’s mom had recently died of a heart attack, so Jesse formally adopted Brock. The duo now lives in Phoenix, where Jesse has his own carpentry business. He spends his days making perfect boxes and so much more. He also sells his drawings on the side. Brock, meanwhile, is big into soccer and a straight-A student who only ever gets in trouble at school for his over-use of the word “bitch.” His favorite breakfast meal is a Grand Slam.

Skyler and Marie: Skyler just recently went into remission after having battled lung cancer. She blames the stress of being married to Walt for her smoking, much like Marie blames her recent shop-lifting adventures on how she still misses Hank. But all in all, the sisters are doing well. They live together in a beautiful California home. Skyler has taken to swimming in the morning to start off her day, and she spends the rest of it writing (and still drinking a little too much). She’s currently writing her second book, a follow-up to the story of a chemistry teacher who started cooking meth to make money for his family. The first one ended with the main characters getting involved with a drug lord, and the second one picks up with a flash-forward to a plane crash. She calls the series Breaking Bad. It’s growing more popular with each book.

Meanwhile, Marie is still a nurse. She’s finally back to wearing purple, but Skyler has limited the amount of purple in the home to Marie’s individual room. And hidden in the corner of Marie’s purple room is her very own rock mineral collection.

Walt Jr. and Saul: Now living on his own after college (he inherited a ton of money on his 18th birthday), Flynn has taken up residence with his girlfriend in Nebraska, where he works as a lawyer. His mentor? Some guy who looks a lot like Saul Goodman.

Holly: Living in California with mom and Marie, Holly is (not surprisingly) a science prodigy. They suspect she’ll go to college on a full-ride by the time she’s 16. But whether she’ll use that knowledge for good or bad is yet to be seen. Let’s just hope she doesn’t unknowingly buy out of a billion-dollar company for $5,000 and spend the rest of her life regretting it. After all, everyone keeps talking about how much she reminds them of Walt. She even asks Skyler to cut the crust off of all her sandwiches.

Double flash-forward: Holly and Brock team up to create a drug empire! Too much?

Huell and Kuby: Kuby finally rescued Huell from the hotel room where he filled him in on a little secret: He had been following the Nazis and knew where all of Walt’s money was stashed. So with a few barrels worth of cash in the bank, Huell and Kuby moved to a small island somewhere off the coast of South America. They now spend their days doing absolutely nothing. And yes, they occasionally take naps on large piles of money.

Gretchen and Elliott: They gave Walt’s money to Flynn, and now, they keep busy doing what they do best — being rich and therefore throwing elaborate birthday celebrations.

And let’s not forget that Kaylee Ehrmantraut is now an official badass in training. She wants to be a cop … at least to start.

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