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Breaking Bad was never a sprawling, Lost-style narrative filled with innumerable false starts and red herrings and mysterious twists that ultimately led nowhere. From the very beginning, it was a surprisingly tightly written show — and last night, it wrapped with an appropriately conclusive finale.

Every main character’s arc — with the exception, perhaps, of Saul’s — got a satisfying resolution in “Felina.” [Spoilers follow!] Walt poisoned Lydia with Chekhov’s ricin, then took out the Nazis with a MacGyvered M60; Jesse, whose life was spared by Walt, had a chance to kill his ex-mentor but didn’t take it, choosing instead to escape into the great unknown; Walt bled to death in a meth lab; Skyler, Walt Jr., Holly, and Marie all survived the chaos, not knowing that 10 months from now, Flynn will receive a $9 million birthday present.

But even though the show’s main storyline has been tied up with a neat little bow, a few minor plot threads — about tertiary characters and the main cast’s backstories, mostly — remain dangling. To be sure, the existence of these 10 unresolved questions hardly has an effect on Breaking Bad‘s larger narrative. Still, now that the show’s really gone for good (sniff!), we’ll never get a chance to learn their answers onscreen.

Don’t take this list as a knock at Breaking Bad, which really did boast an impressively tight structure; just think of it as prompts for your next batch of Breaking Bad fanfiction.

– Did Donald Margolis (Jane’s father) survive his suicide attempt?

– Why does Walt refuse to ask his mother for money, or even tell her he has cancer? It certainly seems like they had some sort of falling out, but we never got the details.

– On a similar note, what exactly happened between Walt and Gretchen at her father’s place on that long-ago Fourth of July?

– Whatever happened to that poor kid in “Peekaboo”? Did he get adopted by a millionaire? Let’s say he got adopted by a millionaire.

– When Don Eladio ordered Gus’s partner Maximino killed, he announced that he was sparing Gus “because I know who you are. But understand, you are not in Chile anymore.” That’s the most we ever got about Gus’s past; Breaking Bad‘s writers purposefully obscured it to make him seem more mysterious. Still, I wonder: What, exactly, was he doing in Chile prior to 1986?

– How, precisely, did Walt poison Brock? Vince Gilligan explained it offscreen, sort of, but an in-universe explanation still would have been nice.

– Speaking of: What happened to Brock after Andrea’s murder? Will Jesse ever see his little pal again?

– What’s the deal with Jake Pinkman — does he know anything about his brother’s criminal activities? Did he develop a pot habit despite Jesse’s intervention? Did he ever learn how to play any Jethro Tull songs on his piccolo?

– Did Huell ever leave that “safe house” — or did he invite his family to join him for a delightful, Tyler Perry-esque sitcom set inside it?

– And perhaps most importantly, did Badger ever get to the good part of his Star Trek script idea?

Got anything to add?

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