Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

In case you were lulled to sleep by the weekend’s tepid Saturday Night Live premiere and missed musical guest Arcade Fire’s neon-colored concert special that aired right after the SNL credits rolled, you’re in luck: The entirety of the 22-minute affair, which features a bunch of new tracks from the band’s forthcoming album Reflektor, is now online.

Produced in association with the Creators Project and directed by Roman Coppola, Here Comes The Night Time features Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler jacking both Wayne Coyne and the ’97 version of Marilyn Manson. There’s also James Franco auditioning for a role in the Bill & Ted remake, Michael Cera endorsing Shakira en Espanol (and then later lecturing about the coolness of rooks on a chess board), Bill Hader and Zach Galifianakis in space, and a lot of those suits that Mike Mills wore in the “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” video.

There will probably be some sort of Bingo board or drinking game surrounding this thing soon, so go ahead and get familiar below:

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor will be out on October 29.