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September 29, 2013 at 09:24 PM EDT

The Grey’s Anatomy cast and creative team hit the town last night in Los Angeles to celebrate their milestone 200th episode with a massive bash. But before they got their party on, there was business to attend to, specifically, giving out scoop on the upcoming season, which kicked off last Thursday with a death- and drama-filled season premiere.

So what did we learn on the red carpet? Read on…

The 200th episode will be…funny!? Well, that’s according to Jessica Capshaw, who explained that the episode revolves around a big fundraising gala that will find the doctors dressing up to the nines and the interns being tasked with running the ER while the rest are occupied. “The storyline actually takes an interesting and unexpected turn in the 200th episode for Arizona, and I think it’s going to be funny,” she says. And while fancy parties of Grey’s past may have been filled with some major heartbreak, show creator Shonda Rhimes says this one will be a celebration. “I think we really wanted to play the joy of the medicine and the joy of our character’s journeys,” she said. “And really, it’s the first episode that Meredith Grey has really come back to work [after giving birth]. So we wanted to play some of the joy of that as well.” That said, expect some big moments — and possible new hookups! “I’m just going to say, if you’re going to a fancy party on Grey’s, you better watch yourself because you never know what’s going to happen,” dishes executive producer Betsy Beers. “There are some interesting combinations of people who are going to start to get together and get a little closer and it’s a really, really different kind of party. You haven’t seen a party like this before.”

Avery and Jackson: The tango is not over. The next few episodes will find April (Sarah Drew) planning her wedding. And while Drew is not sure whether there will be a romantic reunion with Jackson (Jesse Williams), she’s confident the love remains. “I think they will find their way back to one another. I don’t know in what capacity that will be, but I think they are meant to be together in each other’s lives in a very, very important way, for sure,” she says. Beers echos the statement, adding that even as plans progress for the wedding, “I don’t think [April] knows exactly how she’s feeling. It gets really interesting. The fat lady has not sung on that one.” Meanwhile, will the planning get far enough for the audience to actually see the wedding take place? Rhimes was coy, but said, “They don’t always turn out to be the way you want them to, but we might be getting a wedding.”

Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) will meet Jackson’s force-to-be-reckoned-with mother (Debbie Allen)… and it’s probably going to be exactly what you might imagine. “Catherine Avery does rear her pretty little head again in the next few episodes,” confirms Hinton. “She officially meets Stephanie and…it’s interesting. Catherine is Catherine. She … yeah.” We’ll say it right now: Poor Stephanie.

Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd): Letting go will be hard to do. Yes, even though we saw them sleep together in the season premiere, both Oh and McKidd confirm the official split will continue. But it won’t be easy. “Now there’s a resigned acceptance of the fact that they want different things,” says Oh. “[The next few episodes will] grow them through that in a mature way — even though they’re still hooking up.” But will Owen ever make a move to finding a life outside of Cristina? McKidd thinks that could be in the cards. “I think that’s what they’re kind of planting the seed for now. I don’t know how they’re going to do it,” he says. “She keeps pushing him to move on, so I think he’s going to try to move on. How successful he is in doing that is yet to be seen. I think, personally, he’s going to have a hard time. She’s so his heartbeat. She’s just his … I hate to say the yin to his yang, but there’s truth in that. He’s finding it hard to let her go.”

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben (Jason George) will reunite. But it’s not going to go well. “You may be the perfect couple, but once you get into a situation where you’re in a long-distance [relationship], sustaining that is hard,” previews George. “It’s a lot of wear and tear on the body and the relationship…It wears things out.” McKidd, who is directing the episode in which the conflict comes to a head, adds, “It’s very dark and gets to a very dark place.”

Calizona will probably get worse before it can get better. Calizona fans, yes, our hearts are breaking. And Capshaw and Sara Ramirez feel it, too. But they do offer words of comfort. “The circumstances they’ve been dealt this season are devastating and there’s really no way around that,” says Capshaw. “So I think the best thing I can say is that they’re going to deal with it on a very human and honest level.” A possible bright spot in this storyline? Ramirez says Callie and Sofia won’t be staying at Casa MerDer very long. But she wouldn’t say whether that necessarily means Callie moves back into her place with Arizona. “You just have to hang in there and see how it all plays out,” Ramirez says.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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