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How will Breaking Bad end? The final season of Vince Gilligan’s meth opera has already swabbed the narrative deck of a few key characters, but the series finale is an anything-goes proposition. There are the known knowns: Walt is on what appears to be a kamikaze run, lifting his cancer-ravaged body on one last mission of vengeance. There are the known unknowns: The ricin, the captured Jesse, the fact that something probably has to happen with/to Todd. And there are the unknown unknowns: The possibility that Gilligan and his writers will pull an “ABQ” and up-end all of our expectations.

It’s an exciting period of uncertainty for Breaking Bad viewers. So we took the opportunity to go around the EW office and ask our fellow staffers for their personal predictions about the series finale. In an effort to stave off dissertations, we kept the predictions to tweet-length. For instance, here’s mine: “Walt uses the ricin on Uncle Jack, frees Jesse, Jesse kills him. Last shot is Walt’s money flying away on desert wind a la Sierra Madre.”

Some of these predictions are silly, because we are silly people; some of them are profound, because we are totally deep. Read ours, and then post your own in the comments! Winner receives total consciousness.

Burhan Hamid: Walt kills Uncle Jack & co., frees Jesse, but uses Brock to stay alive and make things right with the family before he kills himself. Jesse becomes Heisenberg.

Sara Vilkomerson: Walt kills Jack, uses the Ricin on his former partners, Jesse kills Todd and gets free and tries to kill Walt but Marie kills them both. Last shot is of Lydia surviving in some way.

Erin Strecker: Skyler and Walt die, Marie gets the kids, and Jesse escapes from Uncle Jack to become the father figure Walt failed to be for him to Brock. The end!

Jason Adams: Walt dies, and fulfilling his dying wish, Jesse gets together with Skyler and becomes Walt Junior’s stepfather.

Breaking Bad recapper Denise Warner: Walt lies, Skyler cries, Jesse dies. Fade to black.

Grady Smith: Walt goes to the compound and rescues Jesse after killing Todd and his Nazi-friends. Jesse turns around and kills Walt and then runs away with Brock. Meanwhile, Huell cautiously tiptoes out of his motel and takes up a quiet existence in New Hampshire.

Dalton Ross: Jesse escapes, leading to a TwaüghtHammër reunion as the band hits the top of the charts with their new jam “Fallacies Too.”

Katie McMahon: Walt has been in a coma the whole time and the whole series has all been a dream! (That would be the worst ending ever.)

Nick Catucci: Jesse finds relief in death, Walt awaits lonely tortured death of cancer.

Anthony Breznican: Vengeance comes in a #METHEXPLOSION. Bloody Louboutins. Walt lives just long enough to wish he hadn’t.

Jeff Jensen (Granted Extra Length Due To Special TV Critic Exemption): Whether wanting redemption or wanting to trump the Schwartzes’ anti-drug do-gooding, Walt seeks glory by bringing down the Empire he built. After one last goodbye with Skyler, he kills Madrigal lady with Ricin and raids the drug lab. Todd mortally wounds Walt; Jesse kills Todd; Walt stays alive long enough to take blame for everything. In epilogue, Jesse (and Brock) leave town with Robert Forster’s help — and finds Walt’s money barrel at the cabin. Money for a new life.

Ray Rahman: Realizing Saul was more than just a boss to him, Huell embarks on quest to find his dear friend, and finds himself along the way. Elsewhere, Walt dies.

Melissa Maerz (Granted Multiple Endings Due To Special TV Critic Exemption):

1. Walt gets arrested, saves the ricin to kill himself in prison.

2. Walt survives the shootout, only to get killed off by Marie, who cooks him a tasty shellfish dinner.

3. Jesse breaks out of meth prison himself, becomes a high school chemistry teacher.

4. Badger and Skinny Pete get arrested, live out their sentence debating Star Trek scenarios.

5. It’s all a dream inside the pink teddybear’s head.

Kyle Anderson: Skyler dies, Jesse dies, Walt Jr. gets struck from rays from the red sun of Krypton and banishes his father to the Phantom Zone.

Samantha Highfill: Ricin goes in Lydia’s tea; Walt kills Jack and company; Walt dies of cancer.

Hillary Busis: Three words: Venezia’s pizza party. (Everyone cuts their own slice!)

Clark Collis: After the closing credits, David Cross joins Bob Odenkirk onstage in front of a live studio audience to reveal we have been just spent the last five and a half years watching a Mr. Show sketch.

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