By Jennifer Arellano
September 27, 2013 at 08:16 PM EDT
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As the cautionary adage goes, what happens in Vegas stays in … the new video for “Shot At The Night” by The Killers.

Sin City is their home base after all, and what better way to continue immortalizing their city than with lots of shots of the Strip, an unlikely dalliance between two attractive actors, and a maze of reflective glass surfaces.

Produced by Anthony Gonzalez of M83, “Shot At The Night” is one of two new studio tracks on The Killers’ upcoming singles compilation album Direct Hits. “Shot At The Night” will be released Nov. 4th and the album hits stores Nov. 11.

The video begins with scenes of daily drudgery as a hotel maid (played by Bella Heathcote, Dark Shadows) makes beds and vacuums casino carpets. Driving to work, she’s so transfixed by the lights of the Las Vegas Strip, she nearly hits a cute pedestrian (Max Minghella, Ides of March). Interspersed are reflected profile shots of Brandon Flowers singing from a high rise hotel.

Cute pedestrian is also a guest at her workplace, so naturally they run into each other again. Minghella and friends convince her to neglect her maid duties and come out with them. They give her a makeover, they frolic, they ride scooters, and just like any Las Vegas love story, it ends up with the pair rushing off to … well you’ll see for yourself in the video below:

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