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Happy end of the week, roomies! This week’s spoiler helping is jam-packed, so grab a drink, grab a snack, then dive in. I think we’ll have a lot to discuss in the comments.

You can also send me your thoughts/questions personally by writing to If you’re favorite show isn’t represented here, drop me a note. I’ll be happy to look into it for you. (Also, I’m on-call this weekend. Send mail to help entertain me while I’m stuck by my computer, please. Thanks.)

P.S. – Holy hot Spoiler Room collage, Batman! I can’t be the only one who had this thought…


NCIS fans may be waiting eagerly/nervously/anxiously for next week’s farewell to Ziva episode, but while the wound of Ziva’s departure is going to be very fresh after next Tuesday, over at the set, they’ve had a few episodes to deal with the shock and are looking toward the future with high hopes. Especially Michael Weatherly, who opened up to me about the upcoming addition of Emily Wickersham as a new agent named Bishop. “We’re excited about is having Emily join us on these little adventures we do every week and seeing how she is in the world that we create together,” he says. “I hope the audience likes her as much as we did right away.”

But to those who are worried about a possible romance between the two, Weatherly assures that’s probably the last thing on Tony’s mind. “I don’t think there’s any chance of Bishop being involved in that in any way. If anything, she would be deeply, deeply off-limits for him,” he says with a chuckle. “It won’t even enter his brain — and that’s another thing. I think she’s going to be very attractive, but I just don’t think DiNozzo will see her like that for even a heartbeat. I think there’s a level of maturity for him. He’s averse to anyone who would sit at that desk, I think.“

Weatherly sees Tony’s maturity shining through in other ways, too, he says, particularly when it comes to the character’s attention-seeking ways. “Here’s a funny thing I’ve discovered: when it’s just McGee, DiNozzo and Gibbs in the squad room, DiNozzo doesn’t really have anyone to perform for,” he says. “Tony just kind of calms down and does his job.” That said, there’s still fun to be had. Proof? There’s a headslap coming. And while Weatherly wouldn’t elaborate, he did call it “a classic moment.”


We have several episodes to go before Red John is caught. (But having seen Sunday’s season premiere, I can tell you they waste NO time narrowing down the suspects.) That said, we know an end is coming, which begs the question: What comes next for The Mentalist — and The Mentalist?

If we’re talking about the show itself, there’s an answer. But exec producer Bruno Heller wouldn’t utter a word about it when I sat down with him last week with some other reporter. (“I can’t say more than that because arcs by their nature, as soon as you shoot an arrow in the air, it lands somewhere. And I don’t want to shoot that arrow quite yet,” he says.) He merely confirmed that another big arc will make itself clear and it would have a personal connection to our characters. But while he was mum on that front, he, Simon Baker, and Robin Tunney were very forthcoming about how Jane and Lisbon would change post-Red John, saying after the storm, there will be much for both characters to deal with emotionally.

“I think they’re both going to start thinking in ways that they never have before about the other person,” Heller says. “They’ve always had this mission but now the mission is gone. After that, they have the luxury of thinking of each other as individuals — a man and a woman. That’s going to be explored in-depth.”

Baker, meanwhile, says he doesn’t see the post-RJ world as a shift in dynamic for the pair so much as an opportunity to explore interesting questions. “Do they look at each other and go, ‘Jesus you’re annoying’ or do they look at each other and go ‘Let’s lay down and make love,” he says. “It’s an interesting road to go down,” agrees Tunney.

But is it safe to say that Jane and Lisbon will at least admit their love for each other? Well, Heller hesitates to use the word love in a romantic sense, but, he says, “I think there’s a great deal of love between them and they now have to find out what kind of love that is and what does it mean.”


Tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 season premiere is packed! With Kono and Adam on the run, some gunmen, who are very interested in finding out where Kono and Adam are, storm the Five-0 at what unravels is something I think H5-0 fans are going to really enjoy. But for some deeper scoop on what to expect in the premiere and beyond, read below!

+ As previously reported (and seen in the promo), Chi McBride makes his debut as SWAT captain Lou Grover and in one of his first scenes, he strip down to his skivvies! But it’s for a good reason and will show just how crafty this new captain is! But he and McGarrett are going to butt heads in a big way, paving the way for more tension. “I know I just read episode 8 and I’m up to page 50 and we’ve argued for 47 of the pages” he joked. “They’re really getting into it with those two characters.”

+ In the episode, Catherine finds herself in major dangers thanks to the aforementioned gunmen. “In the first episode she becomes an incredibly liability,” he says. “We really see the extent of his emotional connection to this woman….she’s getting really close to the team and we start to wonder how dangerous that is for her and the team.”

+ McGarrett pulls off one of his most impressive stunts yet. It involves a helicopter.

+ The upcoming Pearl Harbor episode is “one of the most beautiful 5-0 scripts I’ve read,” according to O’Loughlin. It’s told through the eyes of an elderly Japanese character who is arrested at the beginning of the episode, and it will feature flashbacks that show what happened to him as a child. “It’s a very important episode for a lot of reasons,” he says.

+ Catherine’s ex figures heavily in an early episode and while McGarrett tries to play off her former boyfriend’s reappearance as no big deal, he’s “simmering on the inside.” “He thinks he’s keeping it under wraps [but] he’s not cool at all,” says O’Loughlin. “[McGarrett] is tested in the first few episodes.”

Good Wife! PLEASE! It starts in exactly three days and you’ve given me zero scoops! — Nina

Having just screened the premiere (it’s SOOOOO good), here are three teases: 1) Someone gets an unexpected promotion. 2) Thanks to the family’s new notoriety, one of the Florrick kids finds themselves in the spotlight. And 3) You won’t see an announcement about the new firm yet (though, it has been teased we can expect an “explosion” of drama at the firm) but one of the reasons for the delay has Alicia rolling her eyes. Oh, fourth years…

Sandra! Can you tell me anything exciting about the Once Upon a Time premiere? — Jennifer

Tensions on the big ship will reach an intense climax — one that will find Snow and Regina coming to blows! And they’re not the only ones. That’s right: HOTTIE FIGHT! Charming vs. Hook. I’d buy that one on pay-per-view!

Any Once Upon a Time scoopage? — Cam

I think Hook/Emma fans are going to like the premiere. Not that there’s a Moment or anything. But I certainly got the impression they’re having a little fun with these two this year more than ever. How far will it go, though? That was one of the questions posted to EPs Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz during a press conference after a select few got to view the first two episodes. I will share scoop from that chat this Sunday after the west coast airing of the premiere!

Those AHS: Coven opening credits gave me the creeps. Have any scoop on the season? — Eric

I’m glad you asked! I actually had a chance to chat with Evan Peters today when he came in to do one of EW’s Pop Culture Personality Tests (Spoiler: He mentions Alex Mack, guys.) And while he couldn’t say much about the new season, in which he plays a Tulane frat boy who takes a liking to Taissa Farmiga’s Zoe, he did give a little insight into their meeting. “They go to a party and he sees Taissa’s character there and immediately falls in love. It’s love at first sight,” he says. ” Then…to be determined.” And while the series is well-known for its darkness, Peters also spilled that fans can expect a more humor-injected tone. “The writing this year is funny. In between the scary stuff, it’s lighter and glamorous and sexy and funny and very cool.”

Sandra! Loved the season premiere of Castle. But I was sad we didn’t get to see Alexis’s reaction to the proposal. Will we ever flash back to that? — Violet

As mentioned in my post-mortem with EP Andrew Marlowe, we will see her reaction in certain behavioral ways. One thing I didn’t tell you in that article? The cast and crew are currently working on a very interesting hour that centers on Alexis and her fight to free a man on death row. “We have an interesting episode where Alexis has been involved in an Innocence Project-type case with her professor that has not gone well and last-ditch efforts have not exculpated the guy. So with 72 hours left, she ends up recruiting her father to help,” he says. “It’s a really moving episode that allows Castle and his daughter — along with Beckett helping — to them to spend a lot of time together and also talk about what it means to be a family. That’s something we’re really excited about.” Me too!

Scandal scoop for Gladiators!! — Mara

If you saw the sneak peek I offered up earlier, then you already know: Mellie is going to come in and help Olivia and Fitz help figure out a way out of this sticky situation the administration find itself in. And at EW’s pre-Emmy party this weekend, the gorgeous Bellamy Young elaborated, saying “Mellie is ready to handle things….she has very specific ideas about who to throw under the bus. She will see her plan implemented come hell or high water.” But, she warned, “of course it will inevitably blow up in her face as Mellie’s plans tend to.”

I will take any form of Scandal info you can give me. #Prettypleasewithfitzontop — Roslyn How can I deny that offer?! Here’s something from Jeff Perry: “Somewhere in the first couple of episodes, Cyrus is transported to an ominous location in the trunk of a car.”

So is Sweets really leaving Bones next week? — Diane They’ll explain in the episode, but I wouldn’t count on him being gone for too long. That said, Sweets is definitely on a mission to explore important deeds outside the Jeffersonian — and by the end, the rest of the team will understand that. It’s a very, pun-intended, Sweet episode.

Sandra, I’m still fanning myself after that Beauty and the Beast photo you tweeted. How is it possibly Jay Ryan even looks sexy in full beast mode? Anyway, have you seen the episode? Any teases? — Joan

Saw it. Loved it. And fans’ll love it too. You may have heard a lot about the “changes” that Vincent goes through that put a strain on their relationship (specifically, he’s all Grrr-y now) and while you get the sense it will definitely be a battle to recover what they once had, there’s one very important gesture he makes that will fill your heart with hope.

SANDRA! Any scoop on Downton Abbey? I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t bootleg but would love some teases. — Erika

Could having Matthew dead be even BETTER than watching him and Mary alive? Maybe not in fans’ opinions. But creator Julian Fellowes certainly thinks it packs a punch. “To be honest dramatizing Mary rebuilding herself is more interesting than just two people being happy,” he told us at EW’s pre-Emmy bash. “It will be interesting to see how the Americans take to the way we dealt with that, but I think it’s strong [season].” Now, if only we could see it AT THE SAME TIME AS THE UK. This is the last time I’ll rant about this. Probably.

Can you tell me about this supposed Stelena moment in the Vampire Diaries season premiere? — Brandy

Before you get all excited, I will tell you that it may not happen exactly how you’re imagining. There’s definitely a twist there (because, remember, they aren’t exactly next door to each other). That said, if your heart doesn’t swell while watching it, you’re as heartless as Katherine (used?) to be!

I NEED some Vampire Diaries. PLEASE! — Brianna

If you cry during the season premiere (hint: you will), then make sure you have EXTRA boxes of tissues for episode 4. I’m told it’s a whopper of an hour.

White Collar scoopage please! — Monica

In the premiere, Peter does get a get-out-of-jail-free card (you didn’t REALLY expect them to keep him in the pokey, right?) but it happens in a way that will definitely cause problems down the line. I won’t say for who. Meanwhile, baby bump alert! Yup, someone’s preggo. Guess who?

Sandra! I’m so excited about your Revenge chat with Gabe! Please ask whether Nolan will have a love interest this season. — Nicky

Awkward turtle….our chat has unfortunately been rescheduled. I’ll let you know when that is as soon as I know. So hold on to that query!

Sandra! I hope this makes it into spoiler room, but I loved the Big Bang Theory premiere. Any scoopage to share on the rest of the season? — Margaret

Episode 6 is going to feature a guest appearance from someone you probably thought you’d never see on the show: Albert Einstein! Don’t worry, BBT isn’t doing a time travel episode. He pops up in a dream.

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