Mumford & Sons take a break, E! cancels Ryan Lochte's reality show, and more

By Dan Snierson
Updated September 27, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. Mumford & Sons announce plans to go on extended hiatus
This gives them time to pursue their true passion, which we think is either canning artisanal pickles, pushing a hoop with a stick, or powering a riverboat with their penny-farthings.

2. Tom Hanks to exec-produce 10-part documentary on the ’60s for CNN
(For those in a rush, skip past the first 20 minutes of Forrest Gump and watch the next hour.)

3. Australia’s tourism board offering to fly Modern Family Down Under to shoot episode
Two words: Crocodile Dunphy.

4. Grand Valley State University in Michigan removes pendulum sculpture after naked students reenact Miley Cyrus’ ”Wrecking Ball” video
Just to be safe, colleges across the country are also banning foam fingers at this weekend’s football games.

5. South Carolina woman allegedly stabs roommate because he wouldn’t stop playing the Eagles
”I told you to take it easy on the Eagles, not play ‘Take It Easy’ by the Eagles!” yelled the woman as she attacked him.

6. Spike TV options six-part series on King Tut
Remember him, Spike viewers? The dude who won the 1323 B.C. Guys Choice Award for Raddest Wrapped-Up Bro?

7. Fox orders pilot for The Whole Shebang, Jennifer Garner-produced drama about single mom who inherits male strip club
It’s described as ”a saucy take on the dysfunctional-workplace drama” and ”a potential spin-off for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on The Client List.”

8. Two allegedly intoxicated men arrested for vandalizing Jimi Hendrix statue in Seattle on 43rd anniversary of his death
The men plan to enter a plea of ”Hey, at least we didn’t try to ride it naked.”

9. E! cancels What Would Ryan Lochte Do? after one season
If you read that and said, ”Ryan Lochte had a show???” you’re not alone, Ryan Lochte.