Each week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, I need some clarification here, sir, on one of the twists. It was my understanding that any one of the loved ones of someone at Redemption Island can sub in before a duel if they like, but we only saw you asking Gervase if he’d like to take Marissa’s place. Is it only the most recent person that was sent there that can be subbed out, or did you just not show you asking Rupert and Candice’s spouses if they wanted to take their place as well?

JEFF PROBST: It was understood that you could take the place of your loved one anytime they were dueling. So everybody knew it was an ongoing opportunity. In the case of Candice and Rupert, it was a bit unique in that we just offered the RI swap beat off the top of the show and they had both made their decisions and it was pretty clear it was a “final answer” so I didn’t hit it too hard again in episode 2. But yes, they can switch out anytime they want, but we will only show it if there is a story. Otherwise it just wastes valuable story time!

EW: I immediately had mixed feelings about Candice’s decision to give the hidden immunity idol clue to her husband after she won the duel. On one hand, it helps him potentially find a valuable tool in the game. On the other, it immediately makes him stand out as a target. What was your take when she did it?

PROBST: I would do the same thing and offer it to my loved one. Historically, having an idol has been extremely helpful in the game, despite any target. If there is a Monday morning quarterback assessment to be mad,e I would make it on John not playing it the right way. There are so many ways to position it — he chose the most isolating. He didn’t fully bring in the group to share it with them and he also didn’t go full tilt to find it — so I think he was a bit left in the middle.

EW: You’ve said it time and time again — you can only fake being who you really are for so long out there in the elements. Sure enough, evil Colton emerged right on schedule. Is this pretty much what you expected from him out there?

PROBST: I wasn’t sure what to expect from Colton. Truthfully, I could have done the season without him but that’s often the case when it comes to casting. We don’t all always agree on who should be on the show. But as his personality began to emerge in these early days it did feel very familiar to the last time he played and began to confirm for me what I felt the first time he played — which is he engineered his own quit. It’s just my personal observation and Colton would certainly tell a different story. But I think there is a consistency to Colton that is hard to deny.

EW: Is Tyson taking Rachel’s place? Is Colton quitting? What can you tease up for next week?

PROBST: Ah very good questions. I was surprised by the strategy to vote out Rachel to get to Tyson. Never saw that one coming even in all the pretend scenarios we walked through with our creative team. I hope he does not switch places. I don’t think Rachel cares nearly as much as Tyson. Plus, Rachel’s shot at winning is not as strong as Tyson’s simply due to his experience. As for Colton, either way it’s good drama. One thing I have to give Colton is — he’s compelling. He is polarizing and at times infuriating for people, but he’s always compelling.

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