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Gossip Girl ended its six-season run with a five-year flash-forward, in which Nate was considering a mayoral run, Chuck and Blair had a young son named Henry, Lily and Rufus had found happiness with other people, and Serena and Dan finally said “I do.” However, Gossip Girl promised, “You may be rid of Dan Humphrey, but you’ll never be rid of me. There will always be someone on the outside wanting to get in. Who I am now … that’s one secret I’ll never tell.” And so the cycle continues.

But Vulture recently spoke to Kelly Rutherford (Lily) about a possible Gossip Girl movie. “I was wondering if they’d do a movie,” she said. “I don’t know, we’ll see if we can get Blake [Lively] on. I think it would be a lot of fun for everyone.”

So the question is: How would a movie come together? And where would the characters be? Here’s what we imagine:

It’s been three years since Dan and Serena’s wedding, and the crew is reuniting out in the Hamptons for … Eric’s wedding! That’s right; the littlest van der Woodsen has finally found his other half in a stud named Chad (preferably played by Xavier Samuel). Eric is now a very successful gallery manager, and Chad is one of the gallery’s biggest artists. Sexy painting shenanigans ensue! But let’s get back to the wedding.

It’s time for the guests to arrive:

Nate and his new wife, Taylor Townsend, are returning from their honeymoon: Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz recently told us the backstory to how The O.C.‘s Taylor and Gossip Girl‘s Nate first met: “Taylor moved back to Paris to ghostwrite a memoir for a French intellectual who lived in the flat next to Harold and Roman, Blair Waldorf’s dads. One day, Taylor returned their cat, Cat, to their apartment and met Blair, who was very taken with her.” Blair then worked her magic, and Taylor and Nate made it all the way to the altar. Now they’re back in town, where Taylor will experience how the East Coast does luxury. Maybe she’ll even rip a few buttons (much like she did at the last wedding she attended).

Dan and Serena are expecting their first child: Serena is five months pregnant with little Selina (named for their favorite show, Veep). She and Dan, who moved to a loft in Williamsburg but still frequent the UES, are both very successful. She runs her own blog (think Lauren Conrad), while Dan continues his novel ventures. And no, he is no longer Gossip Girl.

Chuck and Blair show up with a new baby: Chuck and Blair still have young Henry, but they recently returned from Ethiopia, where they adopted a little girl. Blair has found tremendous success running her mother’s company, and Chuck is still the richest man around town. New baby Tenley already has her first pair of Louboutins.

Rufus and his wife cater: Between Rufus’ baking skills, and his wife’s gardening, this duo has started a successful restaurant in Brooklyn. When Eric asked them to cater his wedding, they obviously said yes. Waffles all around!

Lily and William fly over from Europe: Lily and William, now remarried, reside in the South of France, where they divide their time between pure, uninterrupted retirement and running their own vineyard. Is there a better way to relax than making wine for a living? Lily doesn’t think so.

Eleanor and Cyrus are still the happiest couple of all: After Eleanor handed over the company to Blair, she and Cyrus decided to spend their lives traveling the globe. It’s how they found little Tenley in Ethiopia and alerted Chuck and Blair.

Dorota’s still Dorota: Dorota is still by Blair’s side taking care of Henry. But because Eric was always the nicest of the bunch, he lets her out of her uniform for the wedding, and she tears up the dance floor as a result.

Jenny is Eric’s best woman: Good news! Jenny is still alive, and still without that hideous black eyeliner that nearly ruined her there in the middle seasons of the show. She now designs clothes for her own small boutique based out of California, and she and Eric have remained good friends. She’s still single.

Georgina sabotages everything: Now that Gossip Girl is focused on a new group of high schoolers at Constance, Georgina is left to find other ways to try to sabotage the wedding. You see, she and Jack Bass recently lost all their money on some bad investments, and Georgina hates her former foes for their success. Also, she got involved with some bad people and is now on the run. While Jack stays in hiding, she plans to blackmail Chuck and company into giving her enough money to properly climb out of the hole she is in. Her sidekick? Vanessa, of course.

But will they succeed in taking down our favorite rich folk? That’s one secret we’ll never know (unless they make this exact movie) …

Would you watch a Gossip Girl movie, PopWatchers? What would you want to see?

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