Wolf Of Wall Street 02

One of the Oscar season’s most anticipated movies is feeling the pressure to get to the party on time. Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the true tale of a millionaire broker’s rise and fall starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey, is still scheduled to open in theaters Nov. 15. But as Kris Tapley of HitFix first claimed, Paramount is already making plans to delay its release until Christmas to give Scorsese more time to trim a movie that is currently three hours long, according to a source close to the production.

The studio currently has Jack Ryan slated for Dec. 25, but director Kenneth Branagh’s spy reboot with Chris Pine as the iconic Tom Clancy hero could be pushed to January, according to The Reporter, if need be. That would keep Wolf of Wall Street in the Oscar race, where DiCaprio, Scorsese, and screenwriter Terence Winter would likely receive some attention. But there remains the possibility that the film won’t be release-ready by that date either, in which case it could be pushed to 2014.

Paramount did not respond to EW’s requests for comment. You can view the trailer for the movie below.

The Wolf of Wall Street

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