Oh, hey there Rupert Grint’s butt.

Perhaps fans shouldn’t be surprised to see the Harry Potter star shedding his clothes in a new, NSFW clip from the film CBGB, named after the iconic club that featured the acts that kicked off New York’s punk scene. Grint, alongside Justin Bartha, star as the Dead Boys. Johnny Galecki, Ashley Greene, and many others join them as some of the other iconic acts that passed through CBGB’s doors. Perhaps most excitingly for Potter fans, Grint will be joined by Alan Rickman, who portrays CBGB owner Hilly Kristal.

Check out Grint prove how punk rock he is below. What would Professor Snape say?

While you can no longer visit the original club (it closed in 2006), you can check the movie out in theaters Oct. 11.