By Andrew Asare
September 25, 2013 at 10:42 PM EDT

Doesn’t the camaraderie between Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon make you want to say “aww”? From their hilarious sleep-away camp adventures to creating a clever new Twitter-inspired conversation, JT and JF are proof that while good friends are hard to come by, the ones you have should be able to recite a whole medley of hip-hop songs with you.

Highlighting the beloved duo, we recap the history between Timberlake and Fallon — BFFs for life.

2002: MTV Video Music Awards

Justin and Jimmy met at the 2002 VMAs, when they were both at major turning points in their careers. Then-Saturday Night Live star Fallon was hosting the show, while  the ex-NSYNC member was making his performance debut as a solo artist. The two started a kinship that lasts to this day when Fallon bestowed words of encouragement to Timberlake. “We’re super friends! I remember talking backstage during those VMAs,” Fallon told GQ in a 2011 joint interview with JT for the magazine’s annual Man of the Year issue. “I was totally nervous and you were nervous and we both ended up having good nights. We’re good luck to each other — like each other’s rabbit foots.”

2003: Saturday Night Live

Continuing their friendship, Timberlake called on Fallon for support during his inaugural hosting stint on SNL. Joining forces for the first time, the duo introduced The Barry Gibb Talk Show, a sketch that would go on to appear four more times on SNL, even after Fallon left the show.

2005: SNL, again

When JT’s then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz hosted SNL, Justin and Jimmy popped up for another round of The Barry Gibb Talk Show. Fallon also returned to 30 Rock in 2006, when Timberlake hosted SNL for the second time.

2009: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

When Jimmy Fallon made his debut on Late Night with Robert De Niro as his first guest, who did he summon for advice and support? Of course, his best buddy JT, who would reveal as a guest in a later episode just how nervous Fallon was. Of course, this wasn’t the last time we would see the two chat it up after midnight: For both halves of The 20/20 Experience, Timberlake made week-long appearances on Fallon.

2010: “The History of Rap”

JT and Jimmy spurred a viral frenzy when they partnered for a mash-up of current and classic hip-hop melodies that took the Late Night stage (and the Internet) by storm. Three years later, and we’re up to Part 4 of the history lesson — with fans eagerly awaiting to see two white guys’ revival of hip-hop’s greatest hits.

2013: Time‘s 100 Most Influential People

When Fallon made Time‘s annual list, it was JT who penned a neatly crafted tribute to his late-night buddy, praising him for his talent as a comedian and throwing slight jabs about Fallon interrupting Timberlake at his wedding. It’s all love, though — as long as JT gets to appear on Jimmy’s show every time he has a new project to promote.