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The blue meth. The pork pie hat. The Pontiac Aztec. Bacon in the shape of numbers. Not one, but two copies of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. These are just a small sampling of the iconic items that will forever be linked to Breaking Bad. (Some of them you can even bid on here.) When filming on AMC’s acclaimed drug drama wrapped earlier this year, the show’s stars walked away with tears in their eyes and five seasons of memories in their brains. But they also wanted something tangible to remind them of their journey into darkness. Here, they tell EW which famous props they took from the set — with or without permission.

BRYAN CRANSTON (Walt): I have Heisenberg’s hat and sunglasses. That’s my prized possession.

AARON PAUL (Jesse): I took Jesse Pinkman’s license plate from his first car: THE CAPN. … I have a Heisenberg hat. [Series creator] Vince Gilligan has promised me the burnt pink teddy bear from season 2. I really wanted something that symbolized Jesse in a way, and I know that might be kind of a long shot, but I think that pink teddy bear really symbolized the relationship between Jesse and Jane. It wouldn’t have landed in Walt’s pool if it weren’t for Jane’s father. So that was very nice of Vince.

ANNA GUNN (Skyler): You know those three portraits of me, Walt, and Walt Jr. that were in the hallway? I got one of those. And I’m actually putting in a request for those crazy ducks that were on our glass coffee table in the living room. No matter what scene we were doing, no matter how heavy and how intense it was, I just found those ceramic fat ducks incredibly amusing. I always just imagined Skyler on eBay going, “I need those ducks! I’ve gotta have those ducks!” So I just really want those ducks. They always made me laugh.”

DEAN NORRIS (Hank) I took Tuco’s grill. [Another one is up for auction here]. I took the axe that almost cut my head off, and I had it signed by all the principals in that scene. I took my bomber DEA jacket. And I took the Hank Schrader desk plate that was on the desk. Those are the things I wanted.

BOB ODENKIRK (Saul): They needed everything [for the spin-off]. The only set that they put in storage was Saul’s. They gave me the bus stop bench ad, signed by the cast and crew. That’s the best. That’s what I would have asked for. It’s really awesome.

RJ MITTE (Walt Jr.): I have the back of my [director] chairs and I have my crutches. I got to keep the crutches. I’m going to wait five years down the road, then I’m going to sign them, and then I’m going to wait another five years and then I’m going to put them on eBay. [Laughs]

BETSY BRANDT (Marie): I didn’t even ask permission for it, I just flat-out stole the tchotchke that Marie took in “Open House.” It’s this little boy riding a little pig or something. It’s a weird thing, but I just had to have it. It just didn’t feel right [to ask permission], so I lifted it. I wanted to take that rug — I just couldn’t figure a way to get it out of there discreetly because it’s huge and sheds a lot.

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