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Updated September 25, 2013 at 05:53 PM EDT

Breaking Bad

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If you leave this Sunday’s Breaking Bad series finale wishing for more, here’s a solution: Buy a piece of the show.

ScreenBid has a series of props from the set of Breaking Bad (not including meth) up for auction, ranging from the characters’ pajamas to iconic items like Tio Salamanca’s bell. The auction even has three copies of Leaves of Grass, by the other W.W., all used for different scenes in the show.

But be prepared to shell out some serious money if you’re going after these pieces — one Los Pollos Hermanos paper bag alone costs $25, a DEA coffee mug hits $100, and the golf club Gus holds in a photo starts at a solid $1,000.

There are nearly 200 items available, so to help you choose, we scoured the full catalog for some highlights:

Most expensive: Marie’s Volkswagen, $10,000

At $10,000, the (sadly) not-purple Beetle is, according to the listing, “a good car” that “runs and drives and has no serious defects or damage.”

Best cheap listing: Mike’s wallet, $10

You know your money’s safe if Mike trusted this wallet.

The “Is this really from Breaking Bad?” item: brown rock, $50

It’s a rock (er, “mineral”). It’s brown. And it presumably showed up at some point in the show.

Most iconic piece that’s hardest to tastefully display: Walter White’s briefs, $250

We’ve seen Walt don many pairs of tighty-whiteys throughout the series, but this one was the first. And though it’s been put on display before at the Museum of the Moving Image, it might be harder to pull off an exhibit at your home. Please don’t use it.

Most iconic piece that’s easiest to tastefully display: Tio’s bell, $3,500

This is the exact same bell Tio Salamanca used throughout the series to communicate — it’s even a little charred from its final, show-stopping appearance.

Most Heisenberg-worthy: Lily of the Valley, $500

The plant appeared in the season 4 finale, and thankfully, is artificial.

The “Why would you want this?!” item: Drew Sharp’s tarantula jar, $35

The jar Drew Sharp dropped at the end of “Dead Freight” can now be yours to… cherish?

If you’d like to buy Todd a birthday present: Lydia’s lipstick-smudged mug, $50

In one of Todd’s creepiest moments, he places his lips over where Lydia’s had been on this mug. The lipstick smudge is still visible on the prop.

Most useful: Jesse’s Roomba, $200

Walt may have planted the ricin into this Roomba, but when it’s not used to devastate Jesse, it can sweep floors. Win-win!

Creepiest item: teddy-bear eyeball, $200

Just in time for Halloween, you can pick up the eyeball that dropped from the pink teddy bear into Walt’s pool.

Most useful but frankly unappealing: bike lock for murder, $1,000

The listing’s name is awful enough. Sure, you can use the bike lock for, well, locking your bike, but it’s the prop used for Walt’s murder of Krazy-8, and that’s not an easy memory to erase.

Most museum-worthy: Tio’s wheelchair, $5,000

It’s completely destroyed, but the listing claims it’s “like a sculpture.” Not sure if Tio would have liked this to be his legacy.

Bidding begins Sunday at noon. Tell us: Which items do you covet? Would you be willing to bid for any of them?

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