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September 24, 2013 at 04:24 PM EDT

And the winner is Breaking Bad… again.

According to our analysis, Breaking Bad didn’t just snag the Emmy Awards’ highest honor Sunday night — the show was also the most popular Emmy-related topic across social media, even after discounting chatter about that night’s brand-new episode (which ran concurrently with 75 minutes of the Emmys). The race wasn’t even close: BB had three times as many mentions as the list’s second-place finisher, Outstanding Comedy winner Modern Family.

This news is in line with Facebook’s own Emmy night analysis, which named Breaking Bad‘s big win the most social moment of the evening.  Otherwise, though, the two lists are largely divergent; Facebook’s number 2 moment (Jim Parson’s win for Lead Actor in a Comedy) is General Sentiment’s number 14, while the other items in the social network’s list don’t appear on General Sentiment’s at all. (To be fair, that may partially be because the sentiment analysis focuses on general topics, while Facebook concentrated on specific moments.)

Check below for a full list of social media’s top 20 Emmys-related social topics — which also includes appearances by streaming service Netflix, fan favorite (and Scandal star) Kerry Washington, and the Emmys’ home city.

1. Breaking Bad

2. Modern Family

3. Netflix

4. House of Cards

5. Los Angeles

6. Neil Patrick Harris

7. Kerry Washington

8. Jeff Daniels

9. Claire Danes

10. Michael Douglas

11. Behind the Candelabra

12. Bryan Cranston

13. Cory Monteith

14. Jim Parsons

15. Tina Fey

16. Anna Gunn

17. HBO

18. Amy Poehler

19. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

20. Stephen Colbert

EW has partnered with General Sentiment to develop aggregate scores that record not only what’s trending on social media, but also what users are actually saying about those topics.

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