By Dan Snierson
September 24, 2013 at 06:30 PM EDT
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Breaking Bad is an unorthodox and nuanced character study of a dispirited chemistry teacher-turned-killer meth maker that generates innumerable questions: How far would you go to provide for your family?  Can Walter White find some shred of redemption or meaning in his ghastly, shattered life before it all ends? Who is the intended ricin victim? By the way, how did Gus manage to walk out of the room and straighten his tie after having half of his face blown off? Oh, and how good would that tableside guacamole have been?

You get the point. There’s a lot to wonder about. And the stars of AMC’s provocative drug drama have been asked just about every question under the Albuquerque sun. But which one did they hear the most? Read on to find out.

BRYAN CRANSTON (Walt): “Do you really know how to make crystal meth?” I go, “Well, let’s just say that I have a thriving side business and I never have to work again in my life.”

AARON PAUL (Jesse): “Will you call me a bitch?” “Yes, I will… bitch.”

ANNA GUNN (Skyler): Certainly towards the end, it was, “Can you tell me what’s gonna happen?” And then people say, “No, no, don’t tell me.” Sometimes people would ask me if I was going to kill Walt, which I found interesting. I would say, “Well, we’ll just have to wait and see… .”

DEAN NORRIS (Hank): Early on it was, “How did you not figure out it was your brother‑in‑law?” Really, it’s only been a year [in the timeline of events on the show]. And when they asked me that, it had been, like, half a year. If I’d figured it out, the show would be over. So God bless I didn’t.

BOB ODENKIRK (Saul): They all ask about the spin-off. And they ask if Saul’s going to die. And sometimes people say, “Do you wear a fat suit? Because you look a lot fatter on TV.” I think it’s those suits and the high collars. It makes me look a little bit chubbier than I am.

RJ MITTE (Walt Jr.): “What are you eating for breakfast?” I usually say either “I haven’t eaten breakfast today,” or I’m like, “Eggs and bacon, just bacon and eggs.” I think it’s funny how people attach themselves to Walt Jr. and breakfast.”

BETSY BRANDT (Marie): About the purple. Honestly, it’s just something I suggested in the pilot I think because we all had a color and mine was purple, and I said, “I think Marie is just one of those people who doesn’t do anything half-assed, whether it’s right or wrong.” If purple is her color, then it is all about purple. And they just ran with that in a huge way, which I loved. You know she’s quirky even before you get into the show. Have you ever met an adult who’s just really obsessed with a color? I mean, my daughter is, but she’s 8. So it’s not so weird. But Marie’s a grown woman. I get tweets about it all day. And I’ve answered it so much I’m like, “I’m sorry, but I can’t answer it again.” So put this in big print. … I can’t have any purple in my house. Nothing purple in my house except in my daughter’s room. My daughter really loves purple and she can do whatever she wants.

LAURA FRASER (Lydia): In Scotland [where Fraser is from], they say, “You’re in Breaking Bad, aren’t you?”  And I say, “Yes.” And then they get the camera out: “Oh, can we take a picture?”  Whereas in America, they say things like, “You’re a nice addition to the show” and “How does it feel to be part of the Breaking Bad family?”

JESSE PLEMONS (Todd): “Who have you told how it ends? Will you tell me how it ends?” And “You’re the guy that shot the kid, right?” They need some validation that that was me so they can act accordingly, I guess. I just sort of awkwardly say, “Yep, that’s me.”

Walter White descends into the criminal underworld.
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