The Voice - Season 14

As the cool kids (and the contestants on MTV's The Challenge) say, the O.G.s are back! Tonight kicks off season 5 of the Emmy-winning reality series The Voice. And as longtime fans of the show know, things will be a little more familiar this season thanks to the return of all four original judges: Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and CeeLo Green.

After CeeLo and Christina took last season off (and were replaced by one-namers Usher and Shakira), they're ready to return to their red spinning chairs. So to get you all in the mood for tonight's shenanigans, here's our rundown of what we want to see from this "original" season:

CeeLo's animal of choice: First, it was Purrfect the cat, and then it was Lady the bird. So what furry friend will be joining Team CeeLo this season? My fingers are crossed for a baby tiger with a monkey literally on its back!

More coach performances: Last year, the coach performances were fine, but you're lying to yourself if you say you aren't excited that Christina's killer vocals are rejoining the group numbers. Plus, these four just have so much fun on stage. The boys basically laugh the entire time while still sounding great, and Christina keeps on throwing out vocal runs like it's Christmas. Plus, Christina's riffs are greater than Usher's riffs. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Christina's bod: Let's face it: Christina didn't wear pants even before her recent weight loss, and she has never (and I mean never) shied away from showing some cleavage. So you can expect that this year — more than ever — her body will be out and proud (and hot).

Christina-Adam feuds: Shakira was incredibly sexy, but I've missed the cute friendship-with-hints-of-slightly-awkward-sexual-tension that Christina and Adam share. Is there anything more entertaining than watching these two embarrass themselves and then hug it out?

CeeLo hitting on women: Yes, Usher did hit on women in CeeLo's absence, but it wasn't the same. Usher didn't actually have to do anything but sit there with his leg lifted and smile. And to be fair, he was genuinely just trying to get people on his team. CeeLo goes after women just because he thinks they're attractive (he might not even want them on his team) … and unlike Usher, he has to use words, which he's not afraid to do.

Outfits! Accessories!: Between CeeLo's monochromatic outfits and Christina's wigs, hats, fans, etc., these two make this show pop, sparkle, glow, and do everything a show full of superstars should do. No offense to Adam's T-shirts or Blake's vests.

Christina's demonstrations: Man, oh man, I have missed watching people's faces when Coach Christina demonstrates what she wants them to do. These contestants are working their very hardest to sound decent, and she whips out some killer note like it's nothing. The woman is so talented that it's entertaining to watch people watch her sing. Let that sink in.

A change of pace: It's not that Blake Shelton can't win again. And it's not that a country artist can't win again. But in some way, this show needs a change of pace. Whether it's a new winner, a really amazing vocalist, or just a crazy close competition, give us something exciting. As long as I can't predict the final result after the first round of live performances, I'll be happy.

The Voice season 5 premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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The Voice - Season 14
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