By Jennifer Arellano
Updated September 23, 2013 at 10:28 PM EDT
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Does Piers Morgan have a beef with Jon Stewart? The British host of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live took to Twitter to react to The Colbert Report winning over The Daily Show for Outstanding Variety Series at the Emmys last night:

The Colbert Report ended The Daily Show‘s decade-long reign in the category. Morgan phrased the tweet in the style of a CNN news alert, also noting, interestingly, that Colbert beat Stewart “again” (in reference to Colbert’s win in the writing category as well?).

Stewart hasn’t issued a response.

Morgan’s tallying-up of Stewart’s Emmy losses comes after another suspiciously sour Stewart tweet from Sept. 18:

Stewart, who was away directing a film over the summer, has long been a vocal critic of CNN’s coverage. John Oliver took over Daily Show hosting duties beginning in June, before Stewart’s September return.

But perhaps Morgan’s digital dig at Stewart is misdirected, as Emmy night wasn’t entirely a loss for Stewart — he’s also executive producer of The Colbert Report.

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