For his next Dancing With the Stars trick, this MENSA-endorsed madman will conjure up a devastating symphony of clenched teeth, loose wig powder, and grabbiness!

Bill Nye and Tyne Stecklein — whose beaker-infused week 1 cha cha set to “Weird Science” (also embedded below) drew in a record-breaking 3.2 million YouTube views — attempted to slay us again with a stirring paso doble set to Beethoven’s 5th:

Judge Bruno Tonioli called TV’s Science Guy “a ferocious and fearsome maestro” who mixed genius with insanity. “You nearly blew a gasket!” he correctly assessed. “There was actually some paso doble there,” he continued. A rave review!

Head judge Len Goodman, apparently dwarfed by the power of the internet, offered up a keyword-rich apology (!) for under-marking Nye last week. “Judging is not an exact science,” he began. “However, there is a formula to dancing. You’ve got to have technique, and some of those parts were missing.”

“But I like the commitment, the fun, and the fact that you’re on this show,” said Len.

Here’s last week’s circus!

Is Bill Nye going to win Dancing With the Stars? Imagine the delicious outrage!

Stay tuned for my full Week 2 recap later on. Update: Here it is!

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