That sound you hear is the tiniest fiddle in the world, playing a very sad song: Mumford & Sons have decided to take a hiatus after ending their ‘Babel’ tour Friday night in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Keyboardist Ben Lovett told Rolling Stone that “there won’t be any Mumford & Sons activities for the foreseeable future,” although just how long that future will last, he couldn’t say. “We have no idea,” he admitted. “We just know we’re going to take a considerable amount of time off and just go back to hanging out and having no commitments or pressure or anything like that. It feels like the last week of school right now, before school holiday when you’re in high school. The atmosphere on the road is one of . . . I think everyone’s excited about being free of schedules.”

It’s been a long year for the London-based group, which kicked off February with a Grammy for album of the year, then cancelled tour stops in June while bassist Ted Dwane went through emergency surgery for a blood clot. While they’re gone, every famous comedian they know will surely paddle off in that great M&S rowboat of sadness, awaiting their return.

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