The How I Met Your Mother cast showed their support for costar and inveterate awards-show host Neil Patrick Harris by participating in a spoofy video, claiming that NPH was suffering from a rare disorder: The excessive need to host everything, all of the time. The video included various song-and-dance mini-numbers and an appearance by Arsenio Hall. Watch it:

At the end, a block of text quickly appeared on screen — check out a screenshot, with complete (hilarious) text, below!

The Ryan Seacrest Center focuses on freeing patients from addiction to hosting award shows, charitably fundraisers and “Star Search”-theemd reality programming. The Center makes no claims of effectiveness regarding patients who cannot resist hosting dinner parties, in-laws or parasites. Rehabilitation is catered to individual needs – NO GUARANTEE. Each patient’s program will include sessions in the therapeutic Billy Crystal Springs and/or the world-famous Pat Sajak Sweat Lodge. Incoming patiens will submit to a full-body cavity search for any hidden mic packs, lavs, wireless headshots, canes, envelopes, sequins and Bruce VIlanches. Please plan on arriving at leat three hours before your therapy call time because the limo line is murder. Aresnio Hall is not affiliated with the Ryan Seacrest Reading Cetner for Excessive Hosting. Oh, and neither is Ryan Seacrest. If you’re still reading this and believe EHD isa real affliction, you might be suffering from APB, or Acute Parody Blindness. If so, contact the Mel Brooks Center for Humor in Catskills, New York.