Credit: CBS

Because Neil Patrick Harris was hosting the Emmys, we knew there had to be some song-and-dance. But there was no way we could have expected the Oustanding Choreography dance number, an insane acid-trip power-of-dance portrait of TV shows like Game of Thrones and American Horror Story and dear god even Breaking Bad. The nominees for Outstanding Choreography — handed out, for the first time ever, during the primetime ceremony — each had to put together a dance number to honor a TV show.

The result was Game of Thrones dancers doing their best Jellicle Cat impersonations, and a weird mixture of “Luck Be A Lady” and “Get Lucky” playing over a recreation of the Mad Men set, and oh my dear holy god people there were Breaking Bad breakdancers. Breaking Bad-Dancers? Dancing Bad-Breakers? It all made sense if you weren’t looking.

Watch and ponder: