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Updated September 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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If you can read this through your tear-filled eyes, here’s a quick rundown of everything that happened on tonight’s penultimate episode of Breaking Bad. Caution: Many, many spoilers ahead:

*Saul follows Walt to the vacuum cleaner repair store (which is an actual store), where he warns Walt that the police will never stop going after Skyler. And despite Walt’s desire for Saul to be relocated with him, Saul heads off to his new life in Nebraska.

*Uncle Jack and company break into Hank’s house to steal Jesse’s confession tape. Then, after Todd saves Jesse from the wrath of Jack, they break into Skyler’s house to threaten her to keep quiet about all things Lydia.

*Walt wants to hire “hitters” to take out Jack’s men and return his money to his kids, but his plan is put on hold when he’s relocated to a small cabin in the snowy woods of New Hampshire (eight miles from the nearest town). He now goes by “Mr. Lambert” and lives in a world without television, phones, or Internet. All he gets is monthly visits from vacuum cleaner guy, complete with chemo and full updates on Skyler.

*Lydia decides she wants out of the meth business until Todd tells her that Jesse has helped him get the cook up to 92 percent. Oh, and it’s blue again.

*Jesse is left in his cage with the photo of Andrea and Brock, which is accompanied by a paper clip. Jesse then uses said paper clip to undo his cuffs and break out! But thanks to surveillance cameras, Uncle Jack’s crew catches him. However, instead of killing him, they make him watch while Todd shoots Andrea. If he tries to escape again, they’ll go after Brock.

*After a month on his own, Walt is lonelier and sicker than ever. When his wedding ring falls off (because he’s lost so much weight), he decides to make one last attempt to get money to his family.

*Walt walks into town with a package and manages to get Flynn on the phone at his school by getting a woman to pose as Marie. But after Flynn tells him to “just die,” Walt makes another call … to the Albuquerque DEA. He tells them Walter White is calling and leaves the phone off the hook.

*Sitting at the bar, Walt sees his old pals from Gray Matter, Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz on the television. Their foundation is apparently helping to fund drug treatment centers. When asked about Walter White’s contribution to Gray Matter, they claim he was only involved in the company’s name. Nothing more. Gretchen then tells her interviewer that the Walter White she knew is gone. And she’s right. By the time the cops show up in the bar, Walter White is gone. And it looks like Heisenberg is on the move. And yes, Walt does still have his Heisenberg hat.

Stay tuned. Denise Warner’s full recap will be published later. (Update: The full recap is live.)

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