By Dalton Ross
Updated September 19, 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT

Each week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, Rupert’s wife Laura and John’s wife Candice are voted out of their tribe just minutes into the game and you give Rupert and John the opportunity to switch places with them and go to Redemption Island instead. Rupert then takes the bait and does it. How bad a strategic move was that? Because it seemed pretty damn bad from where I’m sitting.

JEFF PROBST: Well I’m sitting here with Parvati, Malcolm and Cochran after just live-tweeting during the premiere so I may ask them to weigh in if appropriate. Okay, Parvati and Malcolm both say it was very bad because you put someone there who is already on the outs — she has nothing to contribute. I agree. I think Rupert’s ego got the best of him. He wanted to “look” good so he made a big move and I think he was second guessing it when he talked with his wife. He had already committed and so it was hard for him to change his mind. So yes, we agree. Bad move. It will be very hard for him to win his way back in — but if he does, it will go down as a huge hero move. Remains to be seen.

EW: You had Monica Culpepper on Survivor: One World and called her Monica. Yet now husband Brad shows up and all of a sudden he’s “Culpepper.” Why has Brad earned the patented Probst last name shout out when Monica didn’t? And how come you did not opt for “Moss” or “Baskauskas” or “Bankston” with some of the other newbies? Did Brad pull a Cochran while off camera and insist you refer to him by his last name, or did he just seem particularly Culpepperish?

PROBST: It was just instinct that because he played in the NFL I figured most people knew him as “Culpepper.” I didn’t really give it a second thought. But I understand your point. You have to “earn” the last name distinction. If he doesn’t, does that mean I have to take it back?

EW: You and I have our opinions and predictions of how people are going to do when they get out there. Who surprised you the most — either positively or negatively — once they hit the beach in these first three days?

PROBST: Hmmm, a few people. I was surprised with how composed Monica was straight out of the gate. I was surprised with Tyson and how he carried himself — still funny but clearly wanting to help his tribe succeed. I was surprised with how absolutely out of shape Gervase was and I was unfortunately not surprised that Colton appeared to be very much the same type of player.

EW: Someone’s going home next week in the first duel, and it looks like Evil Colton is ready to make his return. Tease us up for the next episode, sir!

PROBST: Our first duel and you get your first taste of the emotions that are going to run throughout the season. We’re only just getting started.

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