By Dalton Ross
Updated September 18, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Survivor: Blood vs. Water numbers are in! 90 minutes, 3 people voted out of their tribe, 2 Colton meltdowns, and about 5,732 twists along the way. That’s right the Survivor: Blood vs. Water premiere is now in the books. My full recap will be up at 12:30am [UPDATE: Dalton’s Survivor recap is now live!], but if you want to sound off on what happened, then read on for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Thursday night’s premiere of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.]

So much happened in tonight’s premiere, it is almost impossible to touch on everything quickly, but here were the headlines:

* Just minutes in the game, the returning players and loved ones were put into separate tribes. The newbies then immediately voted out Rupert’s wife Laura while the returnees kicked Candice to the curb.

* Laura and Candice’s loved one’s were then given an opportunity to swap places with their spouses — sending themselves to Redemption Island while their loved one would then join their tribe. Rupert made a huge blunder and opted to take his wife’s place, while Candice’s husband John correctly realized that strategy trumps chivalry and stayed put.

* Probst insisted on calling Brad by his last name of Culpepper, which seemed particularly odd considering there are two Culpeppers playing this season and everybody else seemed perfectly content to simply call the dude Brad.

* This just in: Gervase still can’t swim! He had to be dragged by Aras in the water lifeguard style to the team’s boat in the immunity challenge, yet then had no problem nonsensically smack-talking the other tribe after his team’s come-from-behind victory, which was definitely no thanks to him.

* Because of Gervase’s taunting, his niece Marissa was voted out of the newbie tribe. (Whoops!) She’ll head to Redemption Island and battle Rupert and Candice in a duel to stay alive in the game.

Those are the headlines. My extended dance remix of a recap will be live at 12:30 am, but you can bide your team until then by enjoying our pre-game video interviews with the cast below. Also make sure to weigh in with your thoughts about the premiere right here and right now. Did Rupert blow it? Who are you loving and loathing so far? And who is your episode 1 pick to win it all? Hit the message boards to let us know. And let’s please keep it a SPOILER FREE ZONE!