Jeff Probst loves his wife Lisa Ann Russell. In fact, he thinks she’s completely swell. But if the married couple played Survivor together — as several other married couples are doing when Survivor: Blood vs. Water premieres tonight at 8pm on CBS — he would have no problem whatsoever voting her out of the game. “It depends on the situation,” he told me while on location for filming of the new season, “but absolutely.“

But wait! Chivalry is not dead! Allow him to explain! After I gave him just such a situation — the pair making it to the final four and having to decide whether to vote one of them out to get an extra vote from the jury at the final Tribal Council — the host didn’t have to think twice. “I would definitely put one of us on the jury to ensure one vote,” says Probst. “Because I’m 20 percent of the way there already!”

But which one would it be? “What I would do if it was my wife and I down to the final four is we would both be assessing every scenario and we would, I think, probably come to an agreement that either given the jury you will be better at swaying them, or I will be.” So basically, whoever can do the best sales job gets to stay. We’ll see if any of the couples competing face just such a choice this season. To enjoy more of Probst talking through his decision to kick his wife out of the game, click on the video player below.