By Bronwyn Barnes
September 18, 2013 at 07:47 PM EDT

From plunging necklines to waist-high slits and see-through gowns, celebrities have found all sorts of ways to walk the Emmys red carpet partially nude. (Though side butt is fairly common, to date there have been no documented cases of exposed butt cleavage at the ceremony, though both Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman almost went there in 2007.)

If you do it right, showing a little — or a lot — of skin at the Emmys can raise your profile in Hollywood, but take it too far and you could land on an all-time worst dressed list that will come back to haunt you every September for the rest of your life.

We’ve rounded up the 20 most revealing Emmy dresses in the history of the TV awards ceremony, but there are five that stand out from the pack. Who wins the award for most revealing Emmy dress of all time? Click on for the full fashion rundown and cast your vote.

When Gossip Girl star Blake Lively stopped to strike a pose in her crimson Versace dress — which featured a dangerously low plunging neckline and back line, and a hip-high front slit — jaws dropped, heads turned, necks craned, and suddenly her name was on everyone’s lips. This is what we in the industry call a game-changing fashion moment.

The studded leather, um, lattice dress Chyna Doll wore to the ceremony in 1999 looked like something straight out of the Xena: Warrior Princess clothing collection. While it did allow the pro wrestler the freedom of movement required to show off her massive muscles, it also secured her a spot on every Emmys Worst Dressed list ever compiled. One thing I still can’t figure out: What was Chyna Doll doing at the Emmys?

“I went to Giorgio Armani, they put this on me, and I said, ‘Fine, hem it and I’ll get out of here,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus told reporters of her cut way-way-down-to-there dress on the red carpet in 1995. Since then, I’ve forgiven the actress for her red carpet fashion disaster — seeing her in this amazing Narciso Rodriguez dress helped — but I’ll never be able to forget that hairstyle.

In 2004, Sharon Stone wore the red carpet version of a slutty prom dress. The only major awards ceremony where a star can get away with exposing her belly button is the Grammys. Isn’t that right, Jennifer Lopez?

I know what you’re thinking — “When did Gaga go to the Emmys?” OK, so it wasn’t the Primetime Emmys, but Lady Gaga did make a surprise appearance at the 2011 International Emmys in New York City, where she put on a walking peep show. Thanks to the gaping slit in the pop star’s Stephane Rolland dress, we learned that Gaga has a unicorn tattoo, prefers thong underwear, and is a fan of bikini waxing.

Who wins the award for most revealing Emmy dress of all time? Cast your vote in the poll below.