By Samantha Highfill
Updated September 17, 2013 at 09:39 PM EDT
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Turkey, here we come?

Variety reports that Turkey’s Star TV is adapting onetime Fox phenomenon The O.C. into a new series that (if Google translate was even close to right) is titled something similar to Tides. And if we look at the show’s first promo, O.C. fans can see the similarities — theft, fistfights, sail boats, a love connection, big parties, and even one instance of a drunk girl being carried:

But in order for Tides (I’m just going to call it that until I’m corrected) to really re-create The O.C.‘s first season with only 13 episodes (The O.C. had 27), there are certain things the show needs. Here’s our list of O.C. necessities:

Beautiful, sweeping establishing shots of the coast: We want McMansions and pool houses and infinity pools galore.

A gruesome twosome/all things Julie Cooper: From her Juicy sweatsuits to her love affair with her daughter’s boyfriend, Julie Cooper is all things O.C. And yes, we eventually need her to get engaged to the Caleb Nichol in town. If Julie isn’t golddigging, something has gone horribly wrong (or it isn’t season 1).

A model home: How else would the popular girl get to know her one true love? Plus, we need a house to come back to in the season 3 finale before said popular girl leaves us forever.

“Ew”: It doesn’t have to be the exact word, but we need a Summer, and she has to say something that’s equal parts annoying and charming. And she has to say it A LOT.

A Ferris wheel/New Year’s kind of love: The show’s star-crossed couple needs to have all the odds against them, until they literally reach new heights with a first kiss on top of a Ferris wheel, which will lead to them saying those three words (and kissing again) at New Year’s. And then, unfortunately, they have to have a crazy man and a surprise pregnancy come between them (but it won’t last!).

The Valley: The meta-humor that comes along with the in-show equivalent of the show itself is a necessity.

Tijuana: Whether it’s an actual trip to Tijuana or elsewhere, that episode needs to be re-created in all of its sweaty, dramatic, overdosing glory.

Amazing music moments: First up, we need a catchy theme song. Then let’s focus on using amazing indie music in never-before-seen ways that lead to noteworthy soundtracks. But most importantly, The O.C. used music to trigger memories and further plot unlike any other show. A great example that originated in the first season: The season 1 finale used Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah“; the season 2 finale used Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek“; and the season 3 finale had Imogen Heap singing Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” Embrace music, Tides. It can make good things great.

Newpsies: They’re like vultures … except they paint their talons. Yogalates, anyone?

A ridiculously gorgeous school filled with 24-year-olds and an old-school diner: Welcome to high school, kids!

Chrismakkuh: Seth Cohen’s holiday had twice the resistance of any normal holiday, which means it definitely made the trip all the way to Turkey.

Cohen-isms: The family at the center of this can’t just be any old family. They need quirks. They need bagels. They need Sandy Cohen’s self-righteous wisdom. And they need lightning-quick wit. Oh, and let’s not forget the invincible love shared between Sandy and Kirsten.

Captain Oats/Princess Sparkle and a coffee cart: Three things: Hot nerds must be cool again by the end of season 1 (comic books and all!). And how do they get that way? They win the girl over with a coffee-cart love confession and then discover that plastic horses aren’t completely childish.

A finale cliffhanger: Fans need to be crying and completely unsure of what next season holds.

“Welcome to Turkey, bitch.” Do. it.

Other requests: A wifebeater-wristcuff-choker combination, grainy Chino, Luke’s gay dad, Anna, cotillion, poem recitals, and Jem singing “Maybe I’m Amazed.” We’ll stop there and turn it over to you, PopWatchers! What O.C. essentials are on your must list for season 1 of the Turkish remake?

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