By Mandi Bierly
Updated September 17, 2013 at 08:01 PM EDT
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Tonight on the Suits summer finale (USA, 10 p.m. ET), Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) is suing Pearson Specter and Edward Darby’s firm for malpractice and fans of the show will recognize her attorney — Harvey’s nemesis, Travis Tanner (Eric Close). “To be fair to Ava, if you find out that the firm that was defending you for murder is the firm that actually committed the murder, I don’t think you’re necessarily in the wrong for suing them,” creator Aaron Korsh says. “The task for Harvey and Jessica is to try to convince Ava to not go after them and to just go after Edward Darby, because they didn’t have anything to do with these murders. They think it’s Tanner that’s keeping Ava from being reasonable and they may or may not be right about that.” Scotty (Abigail Spencer) is back, and, for a change, fighting on the same side as Harvey against Tanner. “That’s obviously going to have some ramifications for them,” Korsh says. (Expect to debate whether this episode is Tanner at his worst. “If you go back and watch that scene in 207 when he makes Harvey punch him, he was pretty much of a bastard there, too. I think you’d leave that to the audience decide,” Korsh says, with a laugh. “But yeah, he’s a bastard.”)

Adding to the drama: Rachel still has to make a decision about where she’ll attend law school — Stanford or Columbia. “We sometimes forget Mike’s an orphan. He does not have a lot of people in his life. His grandmother, in the world of the show, recently died, and the woman he loves, if she goes to school 3,000 miles away, he’s been alive long enough to know that long distance relationships are not the easiest thing to deal with,” Korsh says. And then, though it’s played for comic relief, Louis and Sheila (Rachael Harris) will be having some conflict of their own. “It’s going to lead to some fun stuff for Louis and some interesting things for everyone else,” Korsh teases, looking ahead the show’s return in 2014. Come back to Inside TV on Wednesday for a full postmortem.

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