Spinning Plates

You might think there are no three places further apart culinarily speaking than Grant Achatz’s hyper-molecular gastronomy mecca Alinea in Chicago, a mom-and-pop Mexican eatery in Arizona, and a family-owned country restaurant in the middle of Iowa. But the upcoming documentary Spinning Plates is out to prove that no matter how fancy or bare bones a kitchen is, running a restaurant takes a special kind of family. “Food is at once art, at once craft, and at once science,” Achatz says in the exclusive trailer below.

But more than that, food is relationships, as evidenced in the stories of Achatz’s cancer recovery, Breitbach’s in Iowa rebuilding after a fire, and the heartbreaking work of the immigrant family running La Cocina de Gabby in Arizona. “Every customer is a guest in my house,” La Cocina de Gabby’s owner says. Check out the trailer below to be a guest in three of the most unique restaurants in the country.

Spinning Plates, directed by Joseph Levy (Into the Fire), opens in theaters on Oct. 25.

Spinning Plates
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