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Fast & Furious 7 has already added several new faces to the crash-happy franchise, including Kurt Russell, Djimon Hounsou, Tony Jaa, and probably several hundred cars that will soon meet their destruction in a metropolitan fireball of automotive calamity. But the series isn’t forgetting its roots: EW has confirmed that Lucas Black — who memorably essayed the part of White Dude in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift — will return for Fast & Furious 7.

Deadline originally reported that Black’s deal is actually for the next three Fasts, which implies that the franchise is world-building towards a genuine trilogy — a three-film saga that can only end with a race across a melting glacier and/or an exploding volcano.

Hardcore Fastheads know that Tokyo Drift is the hidden gem of the franchise. Despite featuring nobody from the original cast besides Vin Diesel in a quick cameo, it marked the franchise debut of director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan, the collaborators who shepherded the series to its current box office glory. (Morgan is writing and producing the new film.) Drift also has the saga’s third-best villain (the Drift King).

It’s nifty to have Black’s Sean Boswell returning to the series, although it’s hard to imagine how Boswell — who was in high school the last time we saw him — will interact with the Toretto crew, last seen defeating international car terrorist Owen Shaw by destroying an airplane with the power of friendship and cool cars. But just because something is hard to imagine doesn’t mean it’s impossible. So let’s once again try to conjure up a purely theoretical page from the screenplay for the next Fast & Furious movie, shall we?

Int. Top of the Tokyo Skytree — NIGHT

In the restaurant on top of the tallest building in Tokyo, the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN TOKYO sits eating excellent sushi. This is Uncle Kamata (Sonny Chiba.) Outside the window, the sky is clear and the city is lit up with lots of neon lights.

His CHIEF OF SECURITY walks up. For some totally awesome reason, the CHIEF is wearing a surgical mask.

CHIEF OF SECURITY: The gaijin is here.

Uncle Kamata nods. A group of bodyguards push SEAN BOSWELL (Lucas Black) over to the table.

UNCLE KAMATA: What is it now, boy? Is one of my nephews bothering you again?

SEAN: I want to know who killed Han.

UNCLE KAMATA: I thought we settled all that.

Behind them, outside the window, we can make out four lights in the distance. They seem to be approaching the window. Planes?

SEAN: Takashi was just the fall guy, wasn’t he? What’s really going on here, Kamata?

UNCLE KAMATA: Beware, young Boswell. You are meddling with forces you cannot possibly understand.

The four lights are getting closer…they’re approaching the window…are they getting FASTER?

SEAN: I’m not scared of you.

UNCLE KAMATA: I’m not the one you should be scared of…what is that?

They look out the window…just in time to see FOUR FLYING CARS PARACHUTING RIGHT TOWARDS THEM. They duck out of the way right as the cars smash through the window. They are four Maverick Sport™ dune buggies, colored pastel red, wisteria blue, deep purple, and also orange.

DOMINIC TORETTO steps out of the red dune buggy, while Roman Pearce, Letty Ortiz, and Ja Rule poke out of their cars and point machine guns at everyone.

UNCLE KAMATA rises up from the rubble, surrounded by yakuza with guns.

UNCLE KAMATA: You certainly know how to make an entrance.

DOM: You’re coming with me, Kamata.

Sean grabs Kamata.

SEAN: Not so fast. He’s the only one who knows who killed my friend.

DOM: Aren’t you the kid from that race? Well, you got a lot to learn, kid. For one thing, kid, that ain’t Kamata. THAT is, kid.

Dom points to the Chief of Security.

CHIEF OF SECURITY: Pretty smart, Toretto.

He whips off his surgical mask. It’s TONY FREAKING JAA.

TONY JAA: The master is the servant, and the servant is the master. A trick I learned from my old friend Braga.

He rips off both of his sleeves and puts up his fists.

TONY JAA: There’s another trick I learned…

Tony Jaa opens up his fists, REVEALING A DETONATOR.

TONY JAA: …from my old friend Owen Shaw.

He hits the detonator and the bottom floor of the Tokyo Skytree explodes. The building begins to fall over and Tony Jaa runs and jumps out of the window, revealing that he has a parachute.

Sean watches in terror. Three dune buggies drive out of the window, unloading their parachutes and flying after Tony Jaa. The last dune buggy stops next to him. It’s DOM.

DOM: Whaddaya say, kid? Ride or die?

SEAN: Do I have a choice?

DOM: Sometimes, the only right choice is family.

Sean hops into the dune buggy and they chase after Tony Jaa as the Tokyo Skytree collapses behind them. Sean fires a couple rocket launchers at Tony Jaa and then he takes the wheel while Tony Jaa and Dominic Toretto have a crazy parkour fight, jumping between the four flying dune buggies and occasionally onto different rooftops in Tokyo.

They end up landing in the Imperial Palace, where Dom and Sean finally punch Tony Jaa into submission.

DOM: Tell me where I can find Ian Shaw!

TONY JAA: Ian Shaw is just the beginning, Toretto. And the end of your beginning…is the beginning of your end.

Right at that moment, a whole fleet of MOTORCYCLISTS driving MOTORCYCLES EQUIPPED WITH FRONTAL BAYONETS drive up and surround Dom and Tony Jaa.

The LEADER OF THE MOTORCYCLISTS steps off his motorcycle.

LEADER: Good to see you again, Toretto.

He pulls off his helmet. Even with half of his face covered with cybernetic circuitry, we recognize JOHNNY TRAN.

SEAN: You know this guy?

DOM: We raced a couple times.

SEAN: What happened?

DOM: He lost.

The Motorcycles with Bayonets go all VROOM and drive towards our heroes, their gigantic blades promising certain death.


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