Rotten Tomatoes

Movies have been referred to as “rotten” or “fresh” for years now, so it’s only fitting that TV shows join the fun.

On Tuesday, Rotten Tomatoes is launching its “TV Zone,” where scripted — not reality — shows will start being ranked on the Tomatometer, according to Variety. The Tomatometer will be made up of reviews for a certain show’s season, not individual episodes.

Included in the “TV Zone” will be new fall scripted series, as well as shows that have aired in the last four years and received coverage from critics that the site follows. For the older shows, reviews will be included as far back to the beginning as possible to accurately reflect the series as a whole.

Just like with movies, TV shows that receive at least 60 percent of positive reviews will be marked with a “Fresh” red tomato, as opposed to a “Rotten” splattered green tomato. The main difference between reviewing movies and TV shows is the possibility for change.

“If reviews go extremely negative then we may change it as the season goes on,” Matt Atchity, editor in chief of Rotten Tomatoes, said. ” … For movie reviews, we don’t often change them as much. But we want to accurately reflect what critics have said.”

Rotten Tomatoes hopes its TV reviews will be as widely distributed as its movie reviews, eventually monetizing its TV review database and providing links for purchasing shows.