Credit: Marcelo Theobald/Globo via Getty Images

It ain’t easy being Beyoncé — at least not on stage.

The woman’s endured all sorts of indignities lately, from getting her hair caught in a (mechanical) fan to getting her butt slapped by a (human) fan. And just yesterday during a concert in Sao Paolo, a pesky one stuck again, this time nearly pulling her off the stage and into the crowd during her performance.

The incident actually looked pretty intense: marooned alone on a rather small island of a stage, Bey leans into the crowd to show them some love when an aggressive shirtless fellow basically tries to kidnap her in front of the entire stadium. Yet she breaks free from his grasp and, to her credit, barely misses a beat as she jumps back into the spotlight.

Meanwhile, security briskly apprehends the half-naked troublemaker, and Queen Bey shoots him a look of appropriately regal disdain, before going back to singing and catching a Brazilian flag.

Brush that dirt off your shoulder, Bey. Watch it all go down in the video below: