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Talk about a comeback: William Zabka, the beloved “villain” from The Karate Kid who was featured last season on How I Met Your Mother, will return to the CBS comedy this fall.

Zabka will appear as himself in at least eight episodes this season. The creators hoped to keep it as a surprise but star Cobie Smulders posted a photo of her and him on Instagram today. (Sally McSpoiler!)

Zabka’s first appearance on the comedy occurred last season in episode 22, when the gang conspired to give Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) the worst bachelor party ever. Barney told his pals he always wanted to meet the “real” karate kid, so they invited Ralph Macchio (who appeared as himself, natch). But Barney always considered Zabka to be the “real” karate kid, so — welcome, Johnny!

Zabka is expected to become Barney’s friend in the ninth and final season that’ll begin Sept. 23. The entire season will take place over the weekend of Barney and Robin’s (Smulders) wedding.

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