If you’ve been jamming to the song Royals lately, chances are you’ve asked yourself: ‘Who is Lorde?’ We’re here to catch you up on some tidbits about Ella Yelich-O’Connor– the New Zealand teenager with a vocal range way beyond her years who has made quite the splash.

Within six months of releasing The Love Club EP in March, this cool girl from Auckland has caught the attention of many ears–having her song of the summer covered by contestants for X-Factor and serving as the soundtrack of the 2013 Wimbledon Championships. Currently on Billboard’s Hot 100 sitting at No. 3 with Royals, we’re running down five fast fasts about the budding songstress.

1. She’s only 16.

Discovered at a talent show and signed at the tender age of 12, Lorde has already broken barriers as the youngest woman in 17 years to top Billboard’s Top Alternative songs chart this past August.

2. She writes her all her own songs.

Don’t let her innocent look fool you. In addition to being equipped with a huge voice, Lorde’s also sleek with the pen; she composed all of her songs from The Love Club EP.

3. She’s a Nicki Minaj fan.

Although Lorde’s got a flair for crafting captivating new music, the 16-year-old considers Minaj as an “important female in pop,” crediting the wig-clad former American Idol judge as an important figure for female artists.

4. She’s just put out her third single — “Team”.

As a free release following the success of Love Club EP, Team has hit the airwaves. Take a listen:

5. Her album Pure Heroine comes out Sept. 30.

While she’s readying her debut project with Lava/Republic, revisit her biggest smash to date below.