By Samantha Highfill
Updated September 12, 2013 at 10:51 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

Before Mae Whitman won us over as Amber, the troubled teen-turned-awesome adult, on Parenthood, and even before she lit up the screen as Arrested Development‘s Ann, she was something of a child star. Don’t believe us? Watch the trailer for One Fine Day, and you’ll quickly realize George Clooney was not the cutest person in the film (seriously).

So, in honor of the upcoming return of Parenthood — and therefore, Ryber! — we’re dedicating this Throwback Thursday to Mae Whitman’s 1996 appearance on season 3 of Friends. Remember that Girl Scout Ross accidentally knocked down a flight of stairs, breaking her leg? Well, it turns out we have the adorable Whitman to thank for watching Ross attempt to out-sell the other Girl Scouts in the annual cookie drive. The poor kid just wanted to go to space camp! They call him “cookie duuude”!

Your turn, PopWatchers! Any other Friends guest stars that you think deserve a shout-out?


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