By Dalton Ross
Updated September 12, 2013 at 04:05 PM EDT

Hayden Moss is about to become the first person to ever have competed on both Big Brother and Survivor when Survivor: Blood vs. Water premieres on Sept. 18. He and his Survivor girlfriend, Kat Edorsson, have already argued about which show is harder, and we will see how Hayden — who won Big Brother season 12 — does on the island soon enough. But it got me to thinking: How would Kat do on Big Brother?

“She would win Big Brother,” says Hayden, comparing his significant other to another former winner, Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother season 11. The couple then goes on to contrast the two shows, while agreeing that most Big Brother contestants do not have what it takes to make it out in Mother Nature. “They can’t come out here,” says Kat. Hayden concurs while mentioning one former player in particular that would want no part of the elements — Britney Haynes. “Love Britney to death,” says Hayden. “But she could barely survive in the backyard of the Big Brother house, much less here.”

To hear more from Hayden and Kat on the differences between Big Brother and Survivor, just click on the video player below.