Not long after revealing that he was the mastermind behind the twerking-girl-catches-fire video that recently went viral, Jimmy Kimmel was up to more tricks, this time taking aim at the fashion industry.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel presented the Fashion Week edition of “Lie Witness News,” a regular segment where passersby are asked to comment on fake headlines cooked up by Live‘s writers . “I assume that people know about fashion and I don’t, the way some people appreciate opera or ballet and I don’t,” said the late night host. To test his theory, Kimmel sent a video crew to the Fashion Week tents in New York City to ask “self-proclaimed fashion fans and professionals in the industry” to share their thoughts on up-and-coming designers and weigh in on some recent runway trends.

The punchline? The designers don’t exist — even better, the producer throws out names like Willy Loman (the protagonist in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman), Meadowlark Lemon (a former pro basketball player), and Joe Isuzu (the fictional car pitchman played by actor David Leisure) — there is no such thing as the Christian Louboutin,”Uniboot,” and not one Fashion Week model has sauntered down the catwalk with dog poop on her head… yet.

Watch the video after the jump.