One of my favorite books of the year, Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, hit shelves yesterday. And now that it’s officially out, I’m fairly confident I won’t be the only one fangirling over Rowell’s second Young Adult novel. If you’re a, um, fan of Rowell’s then you probably already know she has a big presence on Tumblr. So it’s really no surprise that Fangirl was chosen as the first selection in the brand-new Reblog Book Club, the all-new official Tumblr book club.

Fangirl was such a perfect fit for us—its themes about loving books and creating your own art in response, its broad appeal for readers young and old (like me), and Rainbow’s huge fanbase already on Tumblr,” said Tumblr Director of Literary Outreach Rachel Fershleiser. “We’re so honored to have successes like her still using our platform every day. It’s an amazing opportunity for readers and aspiring writers to connect with her and with each other. All we’re really doing is helping to cultivate and promote the amazing conversations about books happening in our community all the time.”

Fershleiser said they were still figuring out the logistics of making future selections, but they will look for novels that are appropriate for teen and adult readers, an author who is a member of the Tumblr community, and a great book they are proud to share and excited to talk about.

If the experiment goes well, I imagine Tumblr’s Reblog Book Club has the power to go viral, not at all unlike the popular gifs on the sharing site. (For good measure, here’s a gif that adequately describes how I feel about this new partnership.) What do you think, Shelf Lifers? Will you join the Tumblr book club and read Fangirl? Or will you hold off until the next book selection is made? Sound off in the comments.

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