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Mother of All Talent

Pageant moms, take note: A new stage-obsessed mom is invading reality television. TV Guide Network has set an Oct. 22 premiere date for Mother of All Talent, a new eight-episode original series starring casting agents Nikki and Lorri, a mother-and-daughter duo and partners of Tribune Talent, a kids talent agency based out of Staten Island, New York. Below, EW has an exclusive first look at the coming drama, via a promo for the series.

Daughter Lorri describes herself as “diplomatic” whereas mom Nikki does not mince words or her opinion — even in front of the underage talent. Nikki tells a potential client to whiten her teeth “so this way they’re not so yellow.” Brutal, sure, but that is what whitening teeth is meant to do.

Nikki and Lorri’s good cop-bad cop partnership is put on display while working with and coaching wannabe child stars and their ambitious parents. (Lorri’s son, she reveals played the character of Brady, son to Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda, on Sex and the City.) The mother-daughter team encounters stage parents of every variety, including one woman who wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps “except for like the Playboy stuff.”

Check out the exclusive sneak peek of Mother of All Talent below:

Mother of All Talent premieres Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 8 p.m. on TVGN.

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