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So everything happened on last night’s episode of Under the Dome. There were call backs to the pilot, and one character died, and one character who initially seemed like a main character but then disappeared suddenly reappeared, and someone outside of the Dome kept on saying incredibly helpful expository dialogue into the radio — things like “Hey guys, where’s Dale Barbara? He’s a really important character!” and “That fellow Big Jim Rennie killed someone! I sure hope he’s not listening to this broadcast right now.”

It was an hour that was heavy on plot and light on Dome…at least until the Mini-Dome started doing its best imitation of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music and glowing orange. Let’s run down the ten most important things that happened under Under the Dome‘s Dome this week.

1. Liberty died with thunderous applause. The angry mob of Chester’s Mill was driven to paranoid terror by the rampage of Barbie. So they demanded that Big Jim initiate martial law and basically end the tyranny of democracy inside of their fair town. Basically, this was the moment when Under the Dome stretched really hard for Full Allegory, with Barbie basically playing the all-purpose role of communist/terrorist/Thing That People Are Scared Of And Are Therefore Willing To Lose All Their Rights For.

2. The army knows that Big Jim killed Lester Coggins. Also, the army seems to see pretty much everything inside the Dome, thanks to complex surveillance systems and also binoculars. In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea for Big Jim to kill Lester Coggins right out in the open.

3. Dodee Weaver confronted Big Jim. She overheard about his murder on the radio and she decided to tell Big Jim, “You’re a sick bastard. And one day everyone’s gonna know it.” Then Big Jim shot her. RIP, Dodee: You never really did anything, but you sure could work that radio.

4. The most accidentally funny moment of the summer happened. Angie convinced Junior to leave Julia’s sleeping body alone so that Barbie could rescue her. Classic Angie, the Honey Trap for Justice. She kissed him. He kissed her back. She kissed him back. Kiss kiss kiss. Then Junior pulled away. Looked horrified, and betrayed. Quote: “You taste like cigarettes.” CRAZY MUSIC ON THE SOUNDTRACK as Junior runs away. (She’s borrowed a cigarette from Barbie, which is a reference to the pilot of this show, which happened about ninety episodes ago I think.)

5. Norrie and Joe stashed the Mini-Dome at Benny’s place. Remember Benny? He’s got a skateboard!

6. Norrie is an Edmund Burke fan, turns out. After Joe and Norrie were arrested by Big Jim, Norrie turned to her boyfriend and said, “You ever hear that old saying? The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing? I’ve heard of that saying, because I’m one of those troubled kids from the big city who quotes philosophy when I’m not looking for drugs and sex or whatever I was doing before CBS sent notes to the producers and said ‘Could this girl not wear such weird makeup’?”

7. Big Jim threatened to pin everything bad that has ever happened in Chester’s Mill on Barbie on his friends. Unless Barbie said that he was guilty of everything. Barbie said he would, but then he didn’t.

8. Barbie told Julia, “I love you.” Her?

9. The Mini-Dome went crazy. It was filled with orange stars and it was making crazy noises and it generally seemed not pleased.

10. Basically, anything could happen next week and it would not be surprising. I’m betting that the monarch butterfly turns out to be Big Jim Rennie’s time-traveling clone from the future.

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